Windows 7 - Adding 1 to a number

Asked By Garabed on 05-Mar-07 10:32 PM
i have a table with the following fields autonumber mnumber ,fname,
lname, etc. i need to find the last number entered in the table and
add 1 to it. I tried using dmax mnumber +1 but it finds the higest
value in mnumber and then adds 1 to it every time the user submits the
what i need to happen is everytime the user opens the form it dispalys
the mnumber +1 for the last record entered. if they wish to continue
using that sequence they can but if they need to change it it will
increment according to the new sequence they enter. I hope this makes

tina replied on 05-Mar-07 10:41 PM
you already posted this question in microsoft.public.access.queries a half
hour earlier. please do not multipost. for more information, see
Garabed replied on 06-Mar-07 03:48 PM
Sorry i realized i posted it in the wrong place. Wont happen again.