Windows 7 - idMso values for ribbon tabs

Asked By Jo on 22-Oct-08 04:15 PM
To learn the idMso value of a command, I know that the procedure is to click
the Office Button, then click Access Options, click Customize and move the
mouse pointer over the command. However, this does not work for the tabs. How
do I find the idMso value of each tab. I know from the example that the
Create tab is TabCreate. However, what about Home, External Data, Database
Tools and Acrobat?


Scott Lichtenberg replied on 22-Oct-08 04:27 PM
This may be what you are looking form

... the MSO control id's (idMso attribute) is important if you want to
extend existing tab's, groups and buttons, you can download a list of valid
id's here
Jo replied on 22-Oct-08 04:40 PM
Thank you. This answers my question completely. I appreciate your help and
the quick reply to my question.