Windows 7 - Data Protection Manager Server 2007 (64 Bit) Download

Asked By Artun on 27-Nov-07 07:03 PM
We're running Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager v2 Beta2 on a
64bit box.

I see 2 downloads available for this product in our MS Licensing site.

1) SW CD NTRL Data Protection Mngr Svr 2007 32BIT 64BIT English SRT (223 MB)
2) SW DVD5 Data Protection Mngr Svr 2007 64Bit English Core 64 MLF (1889 MB)

Which one should we download and install in order to upgrade our beta2 to
final release?

Thanks in advance.

Kapil Malhotra [MSFT] replied on 27-Nov-07 08:08 PM
The second one is the DPM product. The first one is a download for SRT which
is DPM's bare metal recovery tool.


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Scott replied on 27-Nov-07 10:37 PM
I have downloaded the english version of the 64-bit DPM 2007 software from
MVLS twice this evening.  When I try to run the software, I receive a message
that the image file
'C:\SW_DVD5_Data_Protection_Mngr_Svr_2007_64Bit_English_Core_64_MLF_X13-88598.exe is valid, but is for a machine type other than the current machine'

This is confusing because we are running the 64-bit eval software on the
64-bit version of Windows Server 2003.  Has anyone else encountered this
Artun replied on 28-Nov-07 05:34 PM
I just downloaded that and I am getting the same error message Scott is seeing.

Any ideas?
Carpadu replied on 28-Nov-07 10:28 PM
I too am having the same issue.  What gives.
Gi replied on 29-Nov-07 02:59 AM
Me also. Something is wrong with the file itself.
Carpadu replied on 29-Nov-07 11:00 AM
It appears that the exe that was placed on the site is actually an ISO.
Rename the file to .iso and use a DVD compatible iso reader to mount the
Jorge replied on 08-Dec-07 02:22 PM
Thanks for that info, you just saved my weekend, or ruined depending on how
you look at it. Thanks