Windows 7 - DPM shows tape in use, but no job is running

Asked By emytjls on 03-Dec-09 11:52 AM
Having some problems with DPM and stuck tapes. If I look in DPM I have an
Affected area:	myjob
Occurred since:	03/12/2009 16:04:24
Description:	The detailed inventory of tape failed for the following reason:
(ID 3316)
Operation failed since the slot 12 in library hp StorageWorks MSL6000
Series Medium Changer was empty. This tape is currently present in Drive
Hewlett Packard LTO Ultrium-3 drive (HU1084998R) (ID 24027)
Recommended action:	Use the front panel of your library to move the tape
from its current location to the slot specified above.
Run tape inventory job again...
Resolution:	To dismiss the alert, click below
Inactivate alert

So I try to move the tape using the front panel of my library but get error:
Fault code: 200F (soft)
Removal prevented

HP advise that this error means that DPM is preventing the removal of the
media. If I look at the tape drive in Management > Libraries it is showing as
in use. However there are no tape jobs of any kind running. This has happened
several times now and the only way I seem to be able to fix is to shut down
the server, remove the tape from the drive using the library front panel then
restart the server and do a fast inventory.
Any ideas on a fix for this issue?

C.Prashanth [MSFT] replied to emytjls on 09-Dec-09 06:42 AM
can you look at the laagent* errorlog under <dpm install path>\dpm and see
whether there are any traces saying dismount failed etc. if you cant figure
it out, you can the error log to me at prashchaATmicrosoftDOTcom and I can
take a look at it.

C.Prashanth [MSFT]
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