Windows 7 - resize to print 4x6

Asked By Cary on 30-Jul-08 04:29 PM
I have edited and cropped photos and now wish to print them in 4x6 standrad
photo size. It seems to cut off heads etc. How do I fix this now and properly
edit in the future. I do not seem to have a picture size that is anything
other then pixels

Mary Sauer replied on 30-Jul-08 05:19 PM
From what program are you printing the photos? Can you setup a custom size in
your printer? Did your printer come with software?

Mary Sauer
John Inzer replied on 30-Jul-08 05:56 PM
What version of Windows are you running?

What program are you using to crop the pictures?

What program are you using to Print the pictures?
For example...Windows XP Printing wizard has
a template for 2 - 4x6 prints per page and it will
not auto-rotate them the way the template for 3 -
4x6 prints per page will. So if you have pictures in
the Portrait orientation...the top and bottom will be
auto-cropped and someone may lose his head.

The freeware FastStone Image Viewer has a good
crop tool that allows you to select any size you like...
you can even enter a custom size if you wish.

FastStone Image Viewer

More info.....:

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