Windows 7 - change shape picture from square to oval

Asked By Ghost Ghoddes on 17-Mar-09 12:44 AM
How do I easily change picture from square to oval and then paste into a
template with text.  It's for a memorial folder for boy's funeral.  I work in
a funeral home.  Urgent I get done tonite!  Service in morning.  Please
someone help me.  I have a broken hand and it is difficult for me to type.
Thank you.


Mary Sauer replied on 17-Mar-09 06:03 AM
Sorry if this is too late for help. In your Office program, draw an oval, fill,
fill effects, picture tab.

Mary Sauer
John Inzer replied on 17-Mar-09 09:24 AM
If you could upload the picture to the
following site...I'll be happy to crop
it to an oval shape, save it as .png
and return it to you.

All you have to do is enter an e-mail
address in the "To:" (Recipient) field
and click the "Browse" button to select
the file you wish to upload. Then click
the "Send It" button.

The next screen that appears will give
you the download link. Just copy/paste
it into your newsgroup reply.


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