Windows 7 - Looking for a hershey kiss label template? Know of any?

Asked By Stinkusmcgee on 28-Apr-10 08:58 PM
I want to print some kiss labels for a 50th anniversary part coming up this
fall.  I know you can buy the small round labels, now I just need a way to
print them myself.

Mary Sauer replied to Stinkusmcgee on 29-Apr-10 05:47 AM
Not sure I know what you mean
You can try here
Are you looking for foil labels? Some here and many other suppliers.

Mary Sauer MVP
John Inzer replied to Mary Sauer on 29-Apr-10 08:47 AM
Hi Mary,

You can buy labels for the bottom of Hershey Kisses.

I think something like the template at the following
link is what the OP is looking for but I do not know
how to use it:

WL-5275 Round Labels


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Mary Sauer replied to John Inzer on 29-Apr-10 12:32 PM
There are templates on the label site as well for Word and other programs. Good
advice, John.

Mary Sauer MVP