Windows 7 - USB CDC ACM driver for windows XP,vista,7

Asked By dsrking on 30-Jun-10 10:16 AM

I have one usb cdc acm supported wince device. i want to show this
device as virtual com port in PC (Host) side. In PC side, should we
write a usb cdc acm driver? or already windows current versions
support usb cdc acm driver.

does this usb cdc acm driver is enough to show virtual com port in PC?

anyone have idea regarding this?

thanks in advance.


dsrking replied to dsrking on 04-Jul-10 11:00 AM

Anybody having idea about usb cdc driver in PC side.

Pls help me to start usb cdc driver.

Thanks in advance.

Regards - D.
Simon Richter replied to dsrking on 05-Jul-10 08:23 AM

You do not need to write one, it is usually sufficient to use usbser.sys.

If you are building a modem, then

may be what you are looking for; if it is not a modem, then the approach=20
described as "not recommended" in the KB article (that is, directly=20
referencing usbser.sys from your .inf file) may be the best option.