Windows 7 - windows defender

Asked By question on 14-Apr-08 03:34 PM
for several years now i've been using windows defender on and off and out of
the dozens and dozens of scans never found so much as a broken cookie. it
seems like a complete waste of time and computer usage. as far as the rest of
time the programs which i used and discontinued and deleted for other
reasons at least come back with occasional finds, not that that's good but at
least it appears to be doing someting. has anyone else shared this with
windows defender ?   tom mcintyre

calle replied on 14-Apr-08 05:40 PM
Wrong newsgroup
Charles Allen, MVP
MarianoGome replied on 14-Apr-08 07:16 PM

You should be darn happy that your computer is working fine with no viruses,
spyware, or addware (** I cannot understand why you would like Defender to
find anything **). Now, this is the Dynamics GP community not the Windows
weeping wall. :-)

Best regards,

Mariano Gomez, MIS, MCP, PMP
Maximum Global Business, LLC