Windows 7 - Backup and Restore different machines

Asked By frdbad on 02-Jul-08 02:34 PM
I am demonstrating Dynamics GP 10.0 to a client.  I am using the 10.0 demo
download, MS SQL Express.  They have 3 companies, the largest is 65 branches.
We are using a small company to demo and have set up the company, vendors
etc on the accounting manager's workstation.  I have backed it up and copied
to .bak file to flash drive.

In office I cannot restore the .bak to the demo version on our worksation.
I used GP Utilities to create the same company, ID and Name, howvever when we
try to restore we get unknown error.

I recreated the company on our workstation and modified the check form,
however we can not restore to their workstation, unknown error.

I have troubleshot unknown error, made sure the recovery mode was set to
simple and kept the filename/path short.

Is there another way to go about being able to backup/restore from client
site to office and back?

Phil Gilbert
Free Radical, LTD.

J replied on 02-Jul-08 03:35 PM
Make sure the SQL version is the same on both machines.  You cannot restore a
SQL2005 database to a SQL2000 server.

frdbad replied on 02-Jul-08 05:04 PM
I understand all that.  Although we have SQL server 2005 installed in house,
the GP Demo is installed on non-production machine utilizing same MS SQL
Express version as client's workstation which also has Demo GP verison.
Phil Gilbert
Free Radical, LTD.
HSalim[MVP] replied on 02-Jul-08 05:36 PM
if you are comfortable with TSQL, use this restore statement after making
necessary modifications

-- examine the database files contained in the backup
restore filelistonly from disk = 'C:\somepath\backupfilename.bak'

-- Find the current location of the datafiles
exec sp_helpdb DYNAMICS  --or the name of the database

-- Overwrite or replace the existing database and change the location of the
data files
restore database GPCO from disk = 'C:\somepath\backupfilename.bak'
with replace
, move 'GPSGPCODat.mdf' to 'c:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL
, move 'GPSGPCOLog.ldf' to 'c:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL

frdbad replied on 03-Jul-08 06:08 AM

I am not well versed in TSQL but will try and add it to my tool chest.
However, your post made me think about file locations and why I may be
receiving the error.  Since we are in the start up stage the files are
relatively small and I was able to transfer the MDF and Log files remotely
along with reports.dic and copy them into the correct data folder.  Voila!

Thanks for the help.  I still think the backup and restore should be more
transparent and that an error message of Unknown Error is not cool!

Phil Gilbert
Free Radical, LTD.