Windows 7 - FRx "run- time error '6' overflow"

Asked By DavidM on 16-Sep-10 02:54 PM
I have had two user report intermittent "run- time error '6' overflow" when
trying to open FRx. Later it works fine. We are on 6.7 sp10.

I do not see anything here or in the knowledgebase specific to this error.
Can someone give me an idea what to look at for the cause?

jgrebe replied to DavidM on 16-Sep-10 03:10 PM
Do you have a dual monitor?  We have seen this on occasion when the screen
resolution is set too low.
Frank_Icon replied to DavidM on 22-Sep-10 04:47 PM
867 917 You can find the article in the customer source, mentions several
solutions there