Windows 7 - Groove license key

Asked By Mar on 14-Dec-07 08:15 AM
I have recently installed Groove 2007 from the trail download site and as I’m
getting close to the end of my 25 times of running Groove 2007 I decided to
buy an eOpen license key for it. However every time I entre the key it tells
me it’s invalid. I assume that because the trail version allows a key to be
entered that it can be updated to the full product by just entering a key is
this the case?

mark.smit replied on 14-Dec-07 09:14 AM
H Mark -

Sounds like eOpen license keys are not in the format that the "retail"
version of Groove expects.

You will probably need to uninstall Groove (leave the data in please!), and
install a copy from the Open Licensing pages.

Mark Smith