Windows 7 - Infopath Life Expectancy

Asked By kerry on 05-Aug-08 04:11 PM

We recently began experimenting with Infopath to developsome forms to use in
our corporate offices and wehen we brought this up to an IT support guy we
use that helps with our systems, he advised that was not a good idea becasue
Infopath was on the way out and would no longer be supported by Microsoft.
Can you advise if there is any truth to thi? Is Infopath here to stay or is
it not getting enough fanfare/use and is Microsoft thinking of discontinuing
it? We just don't want to continue down the path we are on unless we know the
support that will be available.

Thank You


John Timney \(MVP\) replied on 06-Aug-08 09:09 AM
he's is clearly a sandwich short of a picnic!

Infopath is a core componenet of MOSS, it would be in support for at least
how long MOSS version X was supported, and then there would usually be an
ability to acquire extended support.  It will certainly be in the Office 14


John Timney (MVP)