Windows 7 - allowing rows to break across pages

Asked By arp31 on 04-Nov-09 11:46 AM
Version: 2008
Operating System: Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard)
Processor: Intel

how can i get a row to break across two pages? i can do it in word, and i knew how to do it in excel 04, but i cannot figure out how to get it to work in excel 08.

arp31 replied to arp31 on 04-Nov-09 02:08 PM
what i'm trying to do is the equivalent of the "allow rows to break across pages" function for tables in word (table&gt;table properties&gt;row). there is no similar function in excel. essentially, what i am trying to do is prevent excel from moving a row to a new page once it reaches a certain length. in other words, i'd like to keep part of the contents of the row on one page, allowing the rest of the contents to flow to the next page. currently, excel just inserts a break before the row once it gets too long and moves the whole row to the next page. this is mainly a problem when i print the sheet. <br><br><i>dont remember how i did it in 04, i just remember that i could. i think it was the default setting in 04 (it is still the default when making tables in word 08). moving the page breaks does not work, as they only move row-by-row, and will not allow me to insert a break within a row.</i>