Windows 7 - excel on mac vs. excel on pc

Asked By Karissa0 on 23-Jan-10 05:50 PM
Version: 2008
Operating System: Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard)

so I am taking this excel class online and we were told to buy microsoft excel 2007.  Well my teacher said 2008 would work so i bought it.  But the mac version and the pc version are nothing alike.  When you open the homepage mac doesnt have the microsoft office button or all the tabs that the pc does.  So it makes it very difficult for me to do my work because its so different.  So i was wondering if anybody knows how to maybe make those tabs and options come up or how to make my excel look more like a pc excel.

JE McGimpsey replied to Karissa0 on 23-Jan-10 07:57 PM
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There *is* no Ribbon or Microsoft Office button in MacXL. it is not a
matter of making them "come up", they do not exist.

The versions are most different in the User Interface - the underlying
functionality is largely the same. If you can get past the lack of
cook-book U/I instructions, you will be able to do most anything in XL08
that you can do in XL07.

If you cannot, then you can run Office 2007 in bootcamp, or Parallels,