Windows 7 - How do I create a drop down list box?

Asked By Leslie_Gra on 09-Feb-10 02:32 PM
Version: 2008
Operating System: Mac OS X 10.0 (Cheetah)

I am creating a form and need to create a drop down list box. It is very unclear how to do this. Thank you.

Michel Bintener replied to Leslie_Gra on 09-Feb-10 02:45 PM

for the drop down box to work, you need to format your spreadsheet as a
list. To do that, select your data, then click on Insert>List. Follow
the steps provided by the List wizard and create the list. Type the text
you would like to have in that drop down box in individual cells
*outside the list*. Then place the cursor inside the newly created list,
in the column that you want to appear as a drop down box, then click on
the Column Settings button on the List toolbar.

In the dialogue that shows up, select List as the data type, then click
on the tiny icon to the right of the source field to select the cells
that contain the drop down list items. Once you have done so, click on
OK, and the column should now have turned into a drop down box.

Michel Bintener
Microsoft MVP (Macintosh)

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Leslie_Gra replied to Leslie_Gra on 10-Feb-10 02:03 PM