Windows 7 - Excel Crashes After Autosum or Sum

Asked By Vulocit on 06-Mar-10 07:28 PM
Version: 2008
Operating System: Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard)
Processor: Intel

Mac OS X 10.6.2 <br>
Excel Version 12.2.3 <br><br>My Excel crashes every time I try to use the sum feature. It does not matter if I manually type in the formula and hit enter to sum, or if I hit the Autosum button to add up cells, it crashes every time. I only started to do this recently. I have not made any changes or added any programs to my computer lately that I know of. Any help that you can offer would greatly be appreciated. Excel is basically useless to me at the moment without this feature.  <br><br>The Error Report is as follows:  <br><br>Microsoft Error Reporting log version: 2.0 <br><br>Error Signature: <br>
Exception: EXC_BAD_ACCESS <br>
Date/Time: 2010-03-06 19:25:18 -0500 <br>
Application Name: Microsoft Excel <br>
Application Bundle ID: <br>
Application Signature: XCEL <br>
Application Version: <br>
Crashed Module Name: MicrosoftComponentPlugin <br>
Crashed Module Version: unknown <br>
Crashed Module Offset: 0x00036d80 <br>
Blame Module Name: MicrosoftComponentPlugin <br>
Blame Module Version: unknown <br>
Blame Module Offset: 0x00036d80 <br>
Application LCID: 1033 <br>
Extra app info: Reg=en Loc=0x0409  <br><br>Thread 0 crashed: <br><br>#  1  0x01494d80 in _McpDestroyTooltip + 0x0000000C (MicrosoftComponentPlugin + 0x00036d80) <br>

Vulocit replied to Vulocit on 06-Mar-10 07:31 PM
Also, computer is a 15.6" MacBook Pro if that matters.
John McGhie replied to Vulocit on 06-Mar-10 08:57 PM
Well, this could be a pain...  Looking at your crash dump, I have a sneaking
suspicion that the update has not applied to one of the software modules on
your computer.

Just to ensure we have a level playing field, is this one single workbook,
or "any" workbook?  If it is "any" workbook, then:

1)  Delete the preferences and see if that fixes it.

Go to /Users/~/Library/Preferences/Microsoft/Office 2008 and blow away the
entire folder.

2)  Repair permissions and see if THAT fixes it.

Start Disk Utility and choose Repair Permissions.

3)  Perform a full Remove/Replace/Re-update of Office

Make sure you have your DVD and Product Key handy, we are going to blow it

In the Microsoft Office 2008 folder of your Applications folder, you will
find the "Office Remover" tool.  Run it.

Blow away the Preferences (as in 1) above).

Re-install.  Apply updates 12.1.0, 12.2.0 and 12.2.3 from the Microsoft

One of those should fix it.

Hope this helps

On 7/03/10 11:28 AM, in article 59bb4124.-1@webcrossing.JaKIaxP2ac0,
XinXi replied to Vulocit on 06-Mar-10 09:50 PM
Hi, I did a search in our database with the crash log you provided - there are other users running into the same crash. Could you please send me ( a repro (workbooks + detailed repro steps)? I will investigate to see whether we can get it fixed in future updates. <br><br>Thanks,  <br>
XinXin Liu  <br>
Test Lead, Macintosh Business Unit, Microsoft  <br><br>> Mac OS X 10.6.2 <br>
Vincent replied to XinXi on 06-Oct-10 11:31 AM
Only by destroying the microsoft user data file in ~/documents/

The other methods did not work.