Windows 7 - msdn "JavaScript required to sign in"

Asked By Bob on 07-Apr-08 11:51 AM
I've just reloaded my machine, got my email running, and I got a Microsoft
Community Notification. I went to IE and tried to log in.

1. Go To
2. Click on "Sign In".
3. Observer message "JavaScript required to sign in".
4. Go to :
5. Search for "download java".
6. Click on "Microsoft Java Virtual Machine Support".
7. Read about how java is no longer supported or downloaded from Microsoft.

First, I do not normally enable Java since I prefer to keep my development
machine as secure as possible.

Second, knowing there are potential security holes in java, why is it
required on machines that should be secure (such as those that work with MSDN
Newsgroups etc.?

Third, If Microsoft does not support java or provide it for IE, how isone to
log onto a Microsoft feedback site?

(I'm temporarily using Mozilla.)


Mark Fitzpatrick replied on 07-Apr-08 03:21 PM
Huh? The message says JavaScript required to sign in, not Java. Java and
JavaScript have nothing to do with eachother except for a name. JavaScript
was originally developed as LiveScript by Netscape and it's name was changed
to jump on the marketting bandwagon of Java. JavaScript is built into the
browser and can be turned on/off. The errror you are seeing usually results
in JavaScript having been disabled by your browser. MS doesn't use Java
anywhere that I know of so they wouldn't bother asking you to download Java
especially if you're running IE.

Hope this helps,
Mark Fitzpatrick
Microsoft MVP - Expression
maynor serrano replied on 18-May-09 07:31 PM
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Tzally Frish replied to Mark Fitzpatrick on 17-Jan-10 10:23 AM

Both Disable Script Debugging options are checked (IE 7, Tools > Internet options > advanced > browsing)

yet I recieve the above msg with no option to continue. f5/refresh is of no effect.

It happends while trying to sign in to Microsoft (MSDN).


caroline cerwantes replied to maynor serrano on 19-Sep-10 01:20 AM
no puedo ver mi correo electronico