Windows 7 - will unlock my hotmail account?

Asked By seeker0 on 31-Jul-07 10:00 AM
hi there,
because i kept typing wrong password for my another hotmail account today at
5pm, will microsoft eventually unlock the account? unfortunately because that
account was not set a alternate secondary email address, so i guess that's
why i was not able to send a request to reset my password. how how how
Microsoft? i am very scared that i am not able to read those messages again.
i used this account a lot but just bad luck today for some reason.
please help, thanks to one who knows the answer.

StephenB replied on 31-Jul-07 05:34 PM

To reset your password by providing location information and the answer to your
secret question:
On any Windows Live website or service sign-in page, click Forgot your password.
Enter your Windows Live ID, type the characters you see in the Picture box, and
then click Continue.
Click Use my location information and secret answer to verify my identity.
In the Country/Region list, select the name of your country or region , select
your state, and then type your ZIP code ( The postal code system that is used in
the United States. The ZIP code consists of a series of digits that are added to
a postal address. The ZIP code is used to identify each postal delivery area for
the purpose of sorting mail.) or postal code ( A series of letters and/or digits
that are added to a postal address and used by the postal service for the
purpose of sorting mail.) if you’re prompted to do so. In the Question area in
the Secret Answer box, type your answer to the question.
Click Continue.
Enter and confirm a new password, and then click Continue.
If prompted, enter an alternate e-mail address (An alternate e-mail address is a
secondary e-mail address registered with your Windows Live credentials. In the
event that you forget your password, you can request to have the password reset
information sent to your alternate e-mail address) and click Continue or click
Skip to bypass this step.
On the You've changed your password page, click Sign in to Windows Live.


Multiple attempts at signing in with the incorrect password might cause your
account to become blocked. If your account becomes blocked, you will be asked to
Match the characters in the picture and sign in again.
If you reset your password or question and secret answer (A question and secret
answer is a feature that allows you to choose a question from a select list and
enter your personal answer to that question. In the event that you forget your
password, you can verify your identity by providing Windows Live with some
limited profile information and the correct answer to your secret question) at
approximately the same time you started experiencing sign-in issues, you need to
allow for the reset to take affect. Please wait 10 minutes before trying to sign
in again.

If you need technical support for LiveID (Passport) -


Stephen Boots
MVP Windows Live
Windows Live OneCare Forum Moderator
lori e replied on 12-Sep-07 10:04 PM
Hi there anyone else who can help me.

I read the help files on unblocking accounts, and I had done the password recovery, waited overnight and I am still blocked.

Last night my MSN account was flooded by bots who sent me roughly 369 requests to add them to my contact list. I ended up quitting msn through task bar because my PC was locked up.

When I went to re-enter into my account, found it had been blocked. I have changed my password twice using the alternative email method, and I am still unable to access my account.

I have lodged 2 tickets with no reply from either, could I please have some assistance? Any suggestions on what else I need to do?
Mohamed Abdulqadir replied on 23-Apr-08 06:31 AM
As i was using my account i tried to login into some website with my username and password soon after 8 hours it was locked. I was using it for 6 years it never did like this.

So please help me for this problem.
StephenB replied on 23-Apr-08 01:17 PM - select Windows Live Hotmail or Windows Live Account/ID
from the list if it doesn't unlock in 24 hours.
Stephen Boots
Microsoft MVP - Windows Live
PA Bear [MS MVP] replied on 23-Apr-08 01:51 PM
Hotmail Support
~Robear Dyer (PA Bear)
MS MVP-IE, Mail, Security, Windows Desktop Experience - since 2002
AumHa VSOP & Admin
Kelly Matlock replied on 30-Jun-08 09:16 PM
I'm at my wits end.  I've been locked out of my hotmail account for 2 weeks.  My problem intensified when I entered the wrong "location information" in order to retrieve my password. I entered my current location (San Diego, CA) instead of the region where I began my account (Boulder, CO).  I am now entering the correct location (and I have been for the last 11 days), but the only message I get says "Your account has been blocked, please try again in the future".

I do not have an alternate hotmail account where the password can be sent.

Please help, thank you!
Zamir Ahmad replied on 21-Jul-09 01:48 PM
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carol allen replied to Kelly Matlock on 29-Apr-10 08:36 PM
i enter the wrong e-mail or password  and i have been lock out i can not remember my question either because i have had this e-mail address for years and never had to use it please help carol
Geoffrey Joseph Kavuma replied to lori e on 19-May-10 01:16 PM
hello every who can help me to unlock my email which has been closed, please i did nothing, and i have been using my email since 2007 up now and i look forward to continue using it, thanks
cynthia carroll replied to StephenB on 05-Jun-10 12:12 PM
please help me my husband hacked into my msn and my girlfriend changed the password for me while i was in the hospital now  i cant get in at all it keeps saying wrong password and i am locked out it wont even let me get in with the secert answer i need this account back please help me
Linda Dake replied to StephenB on 07-Jun-10 07:24 PM
There is a problem with that scenario. My father remembered his password but msn for whatever reason decided it was the wrong one. His account is now blocked but he never set an alternate e-mail nor did he create a security question but one was generated for him. He has no idea what the answer to the security question was so he is unable to get into the account. Does MSN offer any other solution to his problem?


pttoup pttoup replied to Linda Dake on 09-Jun-10 06:15 AM
My email is bulacked pl unbulacked this account
Kerrie Ng replied to StephenB on 28-Sep-10 03:29 AM
Hi, i have attempted several times to log in to my hotmail account. as it was the wrong password i was prompted to change password. thus, i have requested hotmail to send me a validation email before i can proceed to reset the password. *note tt my account has already been block before i reset my password due to too many attempts to log in*. After i reset my password i am still unable to log in using the new password, with the same error code that i have attempted too many times to sign in. PLEASE HELP to unblock my account. i've got too many important stuffs inside. tts my MSN ID as well.
Pankaj replied to Kerrie Ng on 01-Oct-10 06:10 AM
Its been a week now, my ID is locked.

Just nothing seems to have working.

I seen to be giving wrong answer to the secret question too.

Is there any numbers where i can call and get my hotmail free acount back

Alternate is :

Someone please help
Joshua Hui replied to Pankaj on 03-Oct-10 12:42 PM
My case is similar to the other victims who have complained to hotmail or msn about their account being locked for unspecified reasons or reasons not known to them.

I had tried all methods listed in hotmail/msn but to no avail. The reset password section is more useless then it seems unless you have an alternate email (which i have and it seems to be be blocked too, for god's sake or maybe i have forgotten the password to it)

PLEASE unlock my account so i can view the important documents for my work and studies, urgent!


Please help, thanks!
Judie Edlin replied to StephenB on 13-Oct-10 09:44 PM
for some reason a new account was created that has none of my information in it...contacts, folders, etc.
Judie Edlin replied to StephenB on 13-Oct-10 09:47 PM
For some reason a new hotmail account was created that had none of my information in it, i.e. contacts, folders, etc.  I was blocked out of my email account  logged into my account, reset password, and now I can't find my old account.  This l happend 4 days after being locked out of hotmail entirely.
sammie dent replied to lori e on 12-Nov-10 06:12 AM
hi can u help me my msn wont let me logo in to msn
nandhini s replied to Joshua Hui on 03-Jan-11 08:54 AM
unknown person using my email thats why iam asking pls lock my email
najerline polo perez replied to sammie dent on 23-Jul-11 12:20 PM
najerline polo perez replied to sammie dent on 23-Jul-11 12:23 PM
terry wilkinson replied to lori e on 02-Aug-11 04:38 AM
my hotmail account is still blocked after 1 day
samantha edwards replied to seeker0 on 14-Aug-11 10:07 AM
hi i need a code to unblock my msn account please help me
StephenB replied to samantha edwards on 14-Aug-11 05:30 PM
This newsgroup exists only on news servers that do not honor the remove group
message. It is no longer  originated on a Microsoft news server.

The following was posted to the Microsoft.* newsgroups repeatedly:

Where Should I go with the Closure of this Newsgroup?
Microsoft has a large selection of forums, many of which cover either the
same or closely related technologies to the ones found in the newsgroups.
The forums have seen amazing growth and are an excellent place to continue
the discussion.  We recommend that you start with"

If you are paying MSN account holder, you can also seek help at

Sorry to read that you are having problems with your Hotmail account.
I don?t work for Microsoft or Hotmail, but am a fellow user. Only Hotmail
Support can assist you if the usual password reset means do not work.
The account has likely been blocked for one of two reasons ? someone has tried
to log in too many times with an incorrect password or Microsoft detected
activity on the account that indicated that the account was compromised ? that
is, someone was using the account to send out spam.

This post is the one you want for a blocked account:
You need to go to #3 since you cannot access the account.
That sends you here:
There are 3 choices on that page, select the 3rd one.
Follow the instructions and links there.
I believe that you will end up at a page where you will enter your LiveID and
will then need to type in the characters from the CAPTCHA image to proceed.
You will then have 3 options:
Email a reset link
Security Question
Customer Support
The first two will likely not work if your account was compromised as you
So, you?ll select the 3rd option which will present you with a link.
That is the Windows Live Recovery process.
You need to carefully enter your information and provide as much data as
possible to *prove* without a doubt that the account is yours.
Once you fill in the form, you will arrive at a page where you are provided with
a PIN number. Write that PIN number down and do not lose it as you will need it
for the next step which could take 24 hours or more.
If you didn?t provide enough information on the form to verify your ownership,
you will get a reply denying the request *at your alternate contact address
provided in the first step.* If you provided enough information, you will get an
email with instructions on how to reset your account password with that PIN.

When you go through the reset form and arrive at the page with the PIN, you have
the option to contact Support. What  you do is copy that PIN, check the little
box on the form and then click the button to contact support. This will launch a
forum post that uses your PIN to create a temporary user and it copies the form
data into the post. You can then click Reply and type a message to the Support
agent that will handle your case. You can provide as much additional information
in that reply as you want to help your case in recovering the account.
Assuming you are successful, immediately after logging in, go to your account
information and update all of your security information ? security questions,
alternate email address, cell phone, trusted computer, etc. to make recovery
easy in the future.


Stephen Boots
MVP Windows Live
Windows Live OneCare/Live Mesh/MSE Forums Moderator
Lattanaxai Khamsida replied to carol allen on 01-Sep-11 11:08 PM
please I need to unlock this acount
shiu narayan replied to Kelly Matlock on 03-Sep-11 05:40 PM
unblock me from my email
Cody Cossairt replied to shiu narayan on 05-Sep-11 09:33 PM
My friend is locked out of his hotmail account and in turn his xbox live account. We have tried everything and need help unlocking the account. We have called Xbox support and they told us to come to the forums please if you can help please email me at
bheem chauhan replied to Joshua Hui on 17-Sep-11 10:32 AM
PLEASE unlock my account so i can view the important documents for my work and studies, urgent!

my Id was

thank you very much

bheem chauhan replied to Joshua Hui on 17-Sep-11 10:32 AM
PLEASE unlock my account so i can view the important documents for my work and studies, urgent!

my Id was

thank you very much

bheem chauhan replied to Joshua Hui on 17-Sep-11 10:32 AM
PLEASE unlock my account so i can view the important documents for my work and studies, urgent!

my Id was

thank you very much

ayub roble replied to Geoffrey Joseph Kavuma on 26-Oct-11 02:53 AM
I wonder how to unlock my email account. I am in a dire need for your assistance.