Windows 7 - Integrating MSN Premium, Outlook, WL Hotmail and WL Custom Domains

Asked By gsae on 19-Nov-07 12:22 PM
I posted at the end of the "MSN Premium member account" thread, but though
that if I set out my situation specifically, perhaps someone will be able to
help me understand what is/will be happening.

I have MSN Premium via Bell Sympatico ISP, with a primary
e-mail address and 2 secondary e-mail addresses.  These fully
sync (including the calendar) with Outlook using MS Outlook Connector, but
only with MSN Hotmail.  I understand that the migration to Windows Live
Hotmail for Sympatico customers will be taking place later this year
(although that only leaves about 6 weeks!)

I also have a Windows Live Custom Domains account, where Microsoft hosts two
Custom Domain e-mail accounts.  These two e-mail addresses are also
considered Windows Live ID's for the purposes of signing in to Windows Live
services.  I can access these e-mails through Windows Live Hotmail AND
Microsoft Outlook.  I can sync them, but only the mail, since they are not
considered accounts associated with a "Premium" service.

I would like to have these WL Custom Domain e-mails associated with a

I had thought that the best way would be to add these two accounts to my MSN
Premium account, but apparently, MSN Client 9.5 has a "bug" that doesn't
allow this - although it has been said that MSN Client 9.0 (and earlier) did
allow Microsoft hosted Custom Domain e-mails to be added as sub-accounts.  I
have contacted Sympatico, but they have told me that they no longer have
previous versions of MSN Client available - either for download or on disc
(although I find this somewhat hard to believe).

So, (and sorry for this being a long post) - what is the best and least
expensive way for me to have two WL Custom Domains e-mail accounts that can
be accessed in both Outlook and WL Hotmail, AND have them able to use MS
Outlook Connecter to sync all the elements including calendar and contacts?

Office Live Premium is simply too expensive and has services that I don't
need.  I also don't really want to pay to upgrade the Custom Domain e-mail
accounts to Hotmail Premium/Plus since I think that my MSN Premium
Subscription should qualify me as a Premium service subscriber.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


StephenB replied on 19-Nov-07 07:29 PM
Until MSN resolves the inability to add custom domains accounts as sub-accounts
to a subscription to MSN Premium I don't know that there is anything you can do.
It may be possible to purchase Hotmail Plus status for these two accounts, but I
can't say that with certainty.
Stephen Boots
MVP Windows Live
Windows Live OneCare Forum Moderator
gsae replied on 20-Nov-07 10:15 AM
Thanks Stephen, although I should add that I was "afraid someone would say
that".  It's a little annoying to realize that there isn't a work-around at
the moment.

I hope I might trouble you with a related question(s), as you are the first
person I have encountered who seems to know what's going on and gave me a
straight answer...

Do you know what Microsoft's intention are regarding this "bug" in 9.5?  I
assume they are aware of the problem, but I'm not sure it's even on their
radar.  Since it's been about a year since MSN Premium 9.5 was released, and
I don't think that there have been many (if any?) patches/updates (certainly
not a 9.6 anyway) - it appears as though MSN Premium is being forgotten.

I hope that isn't the case, since the Custom Domains bug fix is likely the
only solution for my needs - at least one that won't cost me more money.

Thanks again for your help, and "straight answer" - it is REALLY appreciated!
gsae replied on 20-Nov-07 10:24 AM
Sorry, I forgot to ask this in the last message:

Where can I let Microsoft know that I am an MSN Premium Customer who has a
problem that needs fixing?

Since I get MSN Premium through Bell Sympatico, any time I have managed to
contact Microsoft via e-mail or phone, they tell me to call my ISP.  The
problem is that Bell has NO ability to fix the bug - they license MSN Premium
for their customers with a few "tweaks" (we get Freedom Internet Security
instead of McAfee) - but they don't actually program/patch/fix the software.

I would like to contact someone involved with MSN Premium who knows enough
not to say that it is Bell's problem to fix.

Thanks again!
Earle Horton replied on 20-Nov-07 01:38 PM
That means Bell Sympatico gets to call Microsoft about problems like
this, not you.  That is what MSN support people have been trying to tell
you.  How does it feel to be a "MSN Premium" customer?

complain to Microsoft when they want it fixed, not you.



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managed to
gsae replied on 20-Nov-07 02:34 PM

Of course, that makes perfect sense - as much as I DON'T want to hear that

Well, I have made Bell aware of the issue - I may have to be a little more
on to Microsoft, but I haven't received a reply from Bell about what (if
anything) is being done.

Thanks for the reply, even if it wasn't what I was hoping to hear.

Out of curiosity though, (since I can't seem to find the answer to this
question anywhere)...

Has there been any word of any sort of upgrade/patch/fix to MSN Client 9.5
addressing ANY issues (whether involving my issue or not)?

As I mentioned, it seems as though MSN Premium has been "Microsoft's
black-sheep of the family" - i.e. something nobody wants to deal with about

StephenB replied on 20-Nov-07 08:15 PM
You're welcome, though I can't say that I actually know what's going on with
this right now. I'll make an inquiry, but suspect I won't hear anything until
after the Holiday and then it will probably be - I'll check. :-)
Stephen Boots
MVP Windows Live
Windows Live OneCare Forum Moderator
StephenB replied on 20-Nov-07 08:16 PM
Since you have MSN through a partner, the process is that you contact the
partner, Bell, and they need to escalate the issue to MSN on your behalf.
Stephen Boots
MVP Windows Live
Windows Live OneCare Forum Moderator
gsae replied on 21-Nov-07 11:54 AM
Stephen and Earle:

I just wanted to thank both of you for answering my questions - even though
it doesn't solve my problem, at least I have a grasp of the situation.  After
almost 5 months of trying to get even one straight answer, the two of you
were the first people who actually provided a number of answers in a very
straight forward manner.

When I contacted Microsoft they (as you explained) told me to talk to Bell -
but they didn't say that "Bell will take your concern and represent your
needs to us by 'escalating' the inquiry".  They just said "you get MSN
Premium through Bell, so they have to fix your problem".  There's a big
difference between those answers.

Bell, equally troubling, initially said that they couldn't fix the problem,
and that Microsoft would need to take care of my concern.  They only spoke of

I'll contact them (Bell) again, just to keep this active.

Anyway, thank you both VERY much for your help - and Stephen, I'll post here
again later next week after the holiday to see if you did hear anything on
your end.  Thank you for checking that out for me, it's really appreciated.

StephenB replied on 21-Nov-07 08:42 PM
You're welcome. Fingers crossed. :-)
Stephen Boots
MVP Windows Live
Windows Live OneCare Forum Moderator
gsae replied on 21-Nov-07 11:31 PM
Um, as you probably guessed from my post above, you don't need to ask them
about when a fix for the the sub-account issue is happening, it's done!

However, thanks for offering to do so all the same.

StephenB replied on 22-Nov-07 10:35 AM
Yes, indeed. I'm glad that it was apparently addressed. I sent a follow-up
message last night indicating that you had been successful. I am still following
up about the inability to do this on, though.
Stephen Boots
MVP Windows Live
Windows Live OneCare Forum Moderator