Windows 7 - qwest msn mcafee security center

Asked By rosepeta on 10-Oct-08 05:51 AM
I have qwest msn premium and still have the older Mcafee security center v 8.1
and the virus scan v.12.1,  and personal firewall v 9.1.  that came with the

I noticed tonight that on the MSN  member website  there is no mention of
Its all MSN security antivirus programs.  I even did the virtual mcafee test
thing and it said did not find Mcafee on my computer.  Whats going on?

Anyone able to share some information?

I have gotten the run around before  MSN says call qwest, and qwest says
call MSN.

Is there  a link to the MSN where I can find out if they are now providing
other antivirus service to their customers, and where to download ?

PA Bear [MS MVP] replied on 10-Oct-08 12:08 PM
Does McAfee Security Center still update itself automatically?  Can you
manually update it?
StephenB replied on 10-Oct-08 06:00 PM
The MSN Security software is still provided by McAfee. If you click to install
the MSN Virus Guard or MSN Firewall from Download Additional Software via you will be greeted with a McAfee license agreement.

Stephen Boots
MVP Windows Live
Windows Live OneCare Forum Moderator
Earle Horton replied on 12-Oct-08 04:21 PM
This is true.  If you navigate to the new improved member site at you can find out how to get Windows Live OneCare also
free.  You can also find out via the old Member Center link, "Windows
Live -- Upgrade for free and unify your online world."  Don't try to install
two anti-virus programs on the same copy of Windows.

If you want to keep using McAfee that is fine, but the subscription will
expire now and then, so that you have to go back to the Member Center, link
below, and reinstall it.

Earle Horton -- earleh@terra.comx
jra replied on 26-Oct-08 04:29 PM
My computer has done the same thing.  I cannot find my McAfee Security anywhere.
StephenB replied on 26-Oct-08 11:19 PM
On the MemberCenter download page, the MSN Security software *is* the McAfee
partner version.

Stephen Boots
MVP Windows Live
Windows Live OneCare Forum Moderator
Fred Somebod replied on 01-Nov-08 09:41 PM
If you have a choice, keep McAfee...  Windows Lve One Care is terrible.  With
it, you might as well be in the care of a man eating lion...
bonnie hargrave replied on 10-Feb-09 11:53 AM
I'm having the same problem.  My Mcafee won't renew because it doesn't recognize my qwest msn email and password.  Called Qwest, both on phone and on live chat.  One told me to deinstall mcafee and install there LIVEONE-care.  The other told me to call McAFee at 800 337 6840 to renew.  Apparently you have a choice; you can continue with McAfee as part of your dsl subscription, but Qwest no longer supports that software.  AND I DIDN'T GET ANY NOTIFICATION FROM QWEST.  Pretty angry about that.
bonnie hargrave replied on 10-Feb-09 11:56 AM
thanks for that opinion; that's what I was searching for - whether to move to the new antivirus that qwest supports or stick with the old mcafee even though it now requires manual updating since qwest no longer supports it.  and they didn't notify me; dang qwest.