Windows 7 - "We can't connect to Windows Live Hotmail right now."

Asked By Saadia1 on 20-Nov-08 10:09 PM
I've been seeing this message at the top of my inbox folder each time I try
to open a hotmail message.  The computer is running on IE and the Windows is
XP.  Please offer some help as I have tried looking at some threads for help
but have been unsuccessful in finding a fix.  Thank you.

PA Bear [MS MVP] replied on 21-Nov-08 02:28 AM
Can you access the account on another computer?

Self-help options include:

HOW TO Optimize IE for Windows Live Hotmail!5D6F5A79A79B6708!6203.entry

Windows Live Hotmail Email-format Support:
After having (1) signed-in at with the Live ID
associated with your Hotmail account, (2) open the following link:; (3)
Otherwise, jump through the hoops outlined in the instructions posted in

Windows Live Hotmail Feedback
~Robear Dyer (PA Bear)
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AumHa VSOP & Admin
Harol replied on 21-Nov-08 12:25 PM
I had the update of the new Window Live Mail yesterday, 11/20/2008, when I
logged in. the Live Hotmail has been acting with all kinds problems. It’s
simply unreal. Hot mail hangs when tried to I open email with two photos
attached. The screen was frozen for a few minutes, no respond for any
clicking. The status bar showed something being downloaded from I
tried a few times restarting the hot mail. Another email from e-cost with 33
embedded pictures had the same behavior. However, when the download is
finished both emails could be opened. It turned out most emails would trigger
this wait. It looked like that Hotmail downloaded the pictures for the emails
when one of them is opened. It’s simply unreal. I ended waiting for 3-5
minutes every time going into Hot mail. I use Outlook most of the time. Who
could stand this behavior from Live Hotmail ? What is going on here?
deede replied on 19-Dec-08 12:30 PM
"Saadia12" wrote: