Windows 7 - HELP!! I've been locked out of my msn email account

Asked By penguindream on 08-May-08 11:28 AM
and I don't know how to get back in!!! MSN has completely shut me down...I
don't know how I did this exactly, but I've tried several times to re-access
with no luck. When I've tried to reset my password, I get a message saying
that instructions will be sent to my email...but I can't access my
I can't get the instructions...really bad catch 22 going on. My biggest
concern is that the email address that's locked down is my family's primary
email account and we get tons of information there throughout the day...I
have to get back in. I don't want to read pages of FAQs...I've tried that and
it was no help at all. I need a REAL PERSON to help me and talk me through
this.  Thanks.  WM

PA Bear [MS MVP] replied on 08-May-08 12:54 PM
And have you contacted MSN or Hotmail Support about this?  Are you an MSN
Premium subscriber?
~Robear Dyer (PA Bear)
MS MVP-IE, Mail, Security, Windows Desktop Experience - since 2002
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penguindream replied on 08-May-08 01:56 PM
Honestly, I think I've clicked on every help link I can find! I'm sure I've
asked this question of the wrong people or group, but I'm just shooting in
the dark and very frustrated. I don't know if I'm a "premium subscriber"
(which probably means I'm not), but I don't even know what "premium
subscriber" means. We set up this email account years ago and just use it for
basic email stuff. We set it up before we had any alternate email accounts,
so there is not any alternate listed for our profile THEREFORE, any
information about resetting our password or gaining access is being sent to
the very email account that we CAN'T access.
We've had some email correspondence with someone in some tech support
position, but no resolution yet...don't know if or when it will come. I just
really wish there could be some personal contact (e.g., a phone call). I'm
willing to put my phone number out there if someone with MSN email support
would call me back.
Windows Live Mail Technical Support replied on 08-May-08 02:58 PM
Please don't post your phone number. That's not safe on newsgroups. :)

If you go to, select Windows Live ID and complete
the form, an agent will be able to help. If you have done that and it's been
longer than 24 hours, please post the number your received in your email.


Scott Hammer
Sr. Supportability Program Manager
Windows Live Mail Technologies
Microsoft Corp.
Munee replied on 29-Jul-08 10:26 AM
helo i also have almost the same problem. i cant login to msn messenger
using my ID which i use to post this message. it says someone tried to login
to msn using my adress with a wrong password. However after this message i
have resetted my pass but still i cant login msn messenger.

please help me..
GTF replied on 29-Oct-08 04:56 AM
Hi there,
Join the club. We lost our main email account last night, tried putting in
password, won't recognise it, now saying that email doesn't exist either.
there is no phone number to ring unless you pay to subscribe, (con or what).
Cannot reset password because we didn't have alternate email address,
doesn't even recognise secret question.
Also get fed up with MSN having to "close down because of technical problem
caused by them" when midway through filling in form details, having to keep
logging back in & starting again.
Don't get any of these problems when we go through Orange.
So you are not alone.
N. Miller replied on 29-Oct-08 05:34 PM
Con? They offer a free service, and they are willing to invest as much money
in supporting the service as you are willing to pay to use it. They also
offer a paid service, and are willing to invest as much money in supporting
that service as you are willing to pay to use it.

Do you want support? Pay for it.

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Teresa Chappell replied to penguindream on 03-Feb-10 06:17 AM
i have been lock out of msn and cant get back in
Peter Foldes replied to Teresa Chappell on 03-Feb-10 11:34 AM

Wrong newsgroup. You need to repost to the one below


Please Reply to Newsgroup for the benefit of others
Requests for assistance by email can not and will not be acknowledged.
...winston replied to Teresa Chappell on 03-Feb-10 04:23 PM
1. Hotmail Support (applies to all free Hotmail accounts of the form,, and
Hotmail Online Solutions Center
- to ask a question requires creation of a username/pw that will also be linked to a Live ID
- Live ID username is **Not** visible to the public
- Do **Not** use the same password for the Solution Center Account that is used for your Live ID

Home Page
Solutions for Common Problems
Account Problems
Hotmail Community Forums

2. Windows Live ID Support
a. Scroll to and click on 'How can I reset my password' or click any item in the Faq list
b. Look in the lower right and click on the option 'Get More Help'
c. Wait till the page loads, then click on 'Get Support'
- the eform should now load, fill it out...may take at least 24-48 hrs for a response

3. MSN Premium Account support
(If a premium account you have the option of email, chat, phone support)

ms-mvp mail
Herbert Whybrow replied to penguindream on 03-Jun-12 10:00 PM
I upgraded to IE9, and in so doing I have lost my MSN email I have attempted evey think I can think of in rectifying this, can I get some assistance; thanks in advance for your help?
Joyce Hornecker replied to penguindream on 22-Jul-12 09:52 PM
I've got the same problem and no results. I am not at all pleased at all with MSN and this difficulty. the phone numbers don't, there's no live person and it just stinks!!!

Would appreciate any true valid help available.