Windows 7 - Account Blocked?

Asked By Catha on 02-Nov-08 07:23 PM
My email account has been locked due to an apparant entering of the password
incorrect too many times. Now even with the correct password and the
letters/digits displayed in the pitcure I can't login. I've tried resetting
the password unsuccessfully. I can't remember my secret answer (I've had the
same account for several years) and I don't have another account linked to
the account which I can send it to. What can I do to unblock this?

VanguardLH replied on 02-Nov-08 09:10 PM
How long did you wait?  Often after a maximum number of invalid login
attempts, the account is locked for awhile.  How long is awhile depends
on the service.  Did you wait a day (a full 24 hours) before retrying?

You could use the web form to ask for help at:

However, you probably won't get a reply for several days, if any.  So
wait a day and try again.
PA Bear [MS MVP] replied on 03-Nov-08 04:48 PM
Perhaps the links below might prove helpful...

Top 30 Windows Live Hotmail Help Topics for Mail and Settings:!5D6F5A79A79B6708!5828.entry

Windows Live Hotmail Top Issues and Support Information:

Hotmail (Email) Support:
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...winston replied on 06-Nov-08 03:45 PM
Windows Live ID Support
-Note: Some have had issues with the above link redirecting to the Help =
rather than the
e-form for support, if so....use the following link and procedure to =
access the e-form:
1. Scroll to and click on 'How can I reset my password' or click any =
item in the Faq list
2. Look in the lower right and click on the option 'Get More Help'
3. Wait till the page loads, then click on 'Get Support'
- the eform should now load

Fyi...the eform(earlier today) was not available yielding this message
This site is temporarily unavailable due to maintenance.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Please try again =

Additional info on signing in from the Help database:
- Multiple attempts at signing in with the incorrect password might =
cause your account to become blocked. If your account becomes=20
blocked, you will be asked to Match the characters in the picture and =
sign in again.

-If you reset your password or question and secret answer (A question =
and secret answer is a feature that allows you to choose a=20
question from a select list and enter your personal answer to that =
question. In the event that you forget your password, you can=20
verify your identity by providing with some limited profile information =
and the correct answer to your secret question.) at=20
approximately the same time that you began experiencing sign-in issues, =
you must allow for the reset to take affect. Please wait 10=20
minutes before trying to sign in again.

ms-mvp mail

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linked to