Windows 7 - Hotmail account sending 'fake' emails

Asked By SLB on 25-Sep-09 04:44 AM
AAArgh! I noticed that my email account was sending out fake emails to all of
my contacts recommending shopping sites after I received a few failed
delivery notifications. I do not know what to do about this - can anyone help?

...winston replied to SLB on 25-Sep-09 05:06 AM
Are copies of the sent messages in your Sent Items folder ?

A couple of possibilites..
1. System infected (Scan with AV and anti-malware application)
2. Address book and email address harvested by a phishing attempt, malware

For Hotmail, change your password and secret question at

And if applicable see

ms-mvp mail
VanguardLH replied to SLB on 25-Sep-09 07:59 AM
You did not mention WHAT you use for an e-mail client, or maybe you use
the webmail interface.

Have you changed your password yet for your Hotmail account (i.e., for
your Live ID account)?
Michael Santovec replied to SLB on 25-Sep-09 01:19 PM
I have seen a few cases of the Hotmail vacation response being hijacked.
With that, anyone who sends a message to you gets the vacation response
with the ad.

So check that on the Hotmail web site in addition to what the others


Mike -