Windows 7 - Wireless icon disappeared

Asked By Austin17 on 20-Feb-07 05:59 PM
I use Windows XP on a Gateway 4540 laptop. Two weeks ago my wireless internet
connection symbol dissappeared from the toolbar at the bottom right of
windows. I can still access the web wirelessly, but I cannot choose which
signal I want to use. When I use the control panel and check internet
connections there it does not indicate a wireless connection even though I'm
wirelessly connected to the internet. How do I get the symbol to return?

Jack \(MVP-Networking\). replied on 20-Feb-07 07:40 PM
Here you go,
Jack (MVP-Networking).
Austin17 replied on 20-Feb-07 09:59 PM
Thanks for the reply, however when I followed your instructions nothing
happened. The run box disappeared and nothing else happened. Any more
Jack \(MVP-Networking\). replied on 20-Feb-07 10:13 PM
Get to the Control Panel by Start / Setting / Control Panel, or any other
way that your system is set for.
Once in Control Panel double click on the Network Connections.
Jack (MVP-Networking).