Windows 7 - AP mode vs. WDS with AP mode

Asked By Mike Webb on 28-Aug-07 12:41 PM
D-Link Tech Support just told me that if I use AP mode (which I need to use
order to use Multi-SSIDs for VLAN support), then the AP must be connected
with ethernet to the client.  He advised setting all AP's in WDS with AP
mode.  Might solve my connection problems, but defeats my purpose in using

Any advice/comments?
Mike Webb
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Jack \(MVP-Networking\). replied on 28-Aug-07 06:14 PM
Using Additional APs connected to the main Router with cables is more
flexible and provides better Wireless.
If cable is Not a viable solution and you Must use WDS, you would have
restricted capacities and lower bandwidth (that the way it is WDS, ergo more
It is possible (but expensive) to create a better WDS of sort that allows
more flexibility.
Use an AP in client mode, and connected it with a short cable to a second AP
that sits next to it configured as a regular Access Point.  The first AP
receives the signal and transfer it with the wire to the second AP that
would transmit it further.
By doing so you create with the two APs your own Repeater with two Radios.
Having two Radios and two independent units instead of one unit that
Flip-Flops, can provide more flexibility in configuring the Wireless
Jack (MVP-Networking).
Mike Webb replied on 29-Aug-07 09:32 AM
I appreciate the feedback, but have some follow-up questions.

I have my primary AP connected to the switch (a D-Link managed switch that
can do VLAN's), which is part of the domain.  My router has an IP outside
the domain (2-NIC server).  How would I still do VLAN's with the router? And
to you agree with D-Link that their AP set in AP mode (only has 3 -- AP, WDS
with AP, and WDS), MUST be wired to a client PC?

Jack \(MVP-Networking\). replied on 29-Aug-07 03:42 PM
I can not answer you about the VLAN issue it depends on too many variable
that are unknown to me.
An Access Point configured as an Access Point needs a Cable, that the way
APs work.
The only mode that an Access Point doesn't not need a cable plugged into is
Jack (MVP-Networking).
Mike Webb replied on 29-Aug-07 03:56 PM