Windows 7 - automatic switch between LAN and WiFi

Asked By Bucky on 01-Nov-07 02:20 PM
I have a ThinkPad T61 with Intel Proset Wireless. I want to configure
it to automatically switch between LAN and WiFi, with LAN being the
first option. (I.e. if both are available, I would like it to use the

Currently, it treats WiFi as the first option (if both are available,
it uses WiFi). I have to manually disable the WiFi in order for it to
use the LAN.

Is there a way to do this? Thanks.

Jack \(MVP-Networking\). replied on 01-Nov-07 03:16 PM
Configuring the Metrics of the TCP/IP Stack would do it,
Jack (MVP-Networking).
Bucky replied on 01-Nov-07 06:46 PM
(Here's the correct URL):

Thanks for the reply. Actually, I realized that my laptop *was* using
LAN as priority. But it is still connecting to WiFi simultaneously. (I
saw the wireless signal strength taskbar icon and assumed that it was
using WiFi, but it was actually using LAN).

While that is okay, ideally I would like the laptop to not connect via
WiFi at all if connected to LAN. No sense in wasting power or
broadcasting RF signals necessarily. With my previous laptop, the
ThinkVantage Access Connections utility was able to handle this (it
would automatically disable the wireless if LAN was connected, and
automatically enable when LAN was disconnected).

Does Windows handle this? Or do I need to install the ThinkVantage
Jordan replied on 02-Nov-07 11:04 AM
Windows will not because it allows you to connect to two separate networks
at once so you can do things like VPN which is connecting to two networks at
Bucky replied on 02-Nov-07 12:39 PM
OK. Looks like I will just have to install the ThinkVantage Access
Connections utility. Thanks.