Windows 7 - Computer keeps switching on its own between networks, losing conne

Asked By DianaV on 20-Nov-07 09:01 AM
I have wireless connection that Microsoft automatically configures. Other
people in my neighborhood also have wireless connection. When I start my
computer, Microsoft chooses home (my wireless connection) but after 3-4
minutes, switches to another, less strong, network losing my connection. The
only way to keep my connection is to continuously right click on the tool bar
and re-connect to home. Please help me change this setting.

Lem replied on 20-Nov-07 09:30 AM
If you have configured your router to "hide" by not broadcasting its
SSID (your network name), this behavior is by design.

Is the name of your network also the name of the other network?  (If the
name of your network is "home" you might consider a more unique name.)

If your SSID is unique and it is set to broadcast, then ...

Go to Network Connections, select your wireless network adapter,
right-click and chose Properties.

On the next screen, select the "Wireless Networks" tab.

You should see a list of "Preferred networks."  "Remove" all of them
except yours. Click the "Advanced" button.

On the next screen, make sure that the box next to "Automatically
connect to non-preferred networks" is UNchecked.  OK your way out.

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Barb Bowman replied on 20-Nov-07 09:32 AM
First, establish either WPA2 or WPA security for your wireless
network. You might want to change the SSID to something different
since "home" is one that is used by many people. make it unique, but
not personally identifiable.

Finally, uncheck the setting to automatically connect to non
preferred networks.

On Tue, 20 Nov 2007 06:01:02 -0800, DianaVG


Barb Bowman
MS Windows-MVP
Barb Bowman replied on 20-Nov-07 09:57 AM
also, make sure you are broadcasting the SSID and not hiding it.
this can cause this behavior as well.

On Tue, 20 Nov 2007 06:01:02 -0800, DianaVG


Barb Bowman
MS Windows-MVP
Phillip Windell replied on 21-Nov-07 09:53 AM
In our machines I cured that by not longer using the "management tool" from
the Nic manufacture and started using only the built in Windows Zero
Configuration Tool.

In the ZCT there is a place to tell it to not automatically connect to
non-prefered networks.

Phillip Windell

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John Wunderlich replied on 21-Nov-07 02:34 PM
=?Utf-8?B?RGlhbmFWRw==?= <DianaVG@> wrote

One other setting that hasn't been mentioned thusfar...

Open the device manager
(Right-Click "My Computer" -> Manage -> Device Manager )
Find and Double-click on your Wireless Adapter.
Click on the "Advanced" tab.
Look for a "Roam Tendency" (or some kind of "Roam" setting).  This
setting is usually set at "Moderate"... change that to