Windows 7 - System Tray Icon

Asked By DHa on 04-Feb-08 09:24 AM
I'm running a laptop. Most of the time it's in the docking station, using a
wired network connection. In this case, the machine's entire wireless system
is shut off (WiFi, Bluetooth, etc.).

I don't want the "Wireless Network Connection Not Connected" icon in the
System Tray. I don't want it simply "hidden." I want it GONE.

Same with the wired connection icon. When I'm out of the office, working
wirelessly, I want the wired network icon GONE, not just hidden.

Funny that Windows would let you not display these icons when connected, but
no such option for when the connection is totally disabled.

I have no problems making connections. I don't want these icons there. There
is enough clutter in that corner of the screen already.

Has anyone found a way to just make them not be there at all?

Bob replied on 04-Feb-08 11:00 AM
Navigate to
C:\ProgramData\microsoft\windows\start menu\programs\startup
and delete the offending shortcuts.
Jack \(MVP-Networking\). replied on 04-Feb-08 12:02 PM
If you do not use the connection, log to the device manger and disable the
network device that you do not use.
See here,
Right click on the device and choose Disable.

If you do use the Device but you just do not want to see the Icon, reverse
this process.
Jack (MVP-Networking).