Windows 7 - How to switch to an ethernet connection?

Asked By d claude bea on 08-Mar-08 05:04 PM
My wife's Satellite M45-S169 Toshiba laptop has always used a wireless
connection to our Linksys router at home .  We want to use it in Paris where
our rental apartment has a wire (presumably Ethernet) to connect the laptop
to the Internet.  Do we need to disable the wireless function in order for
the computer to use the wired one?  If so, how? Or will a wired-in connection
automatically override the search for a wireless connection?

Jack \(MVP-Networking\). replied on 08-Mar-08 11:05 PM
You can set it so that if there is a Wire connection it would override the
Here how,
Jack (MVP-Networking).
dclaudebea replied on 09-Mar-08 03:06 PM
Thanks for your help, Jack.  I followed all the instructions on the page you
included in your reply and was able to do everything.

However, when I turned off the laptop's wireless switch and plugged in the
ethernet cable (from the cable modem) that I use for my desktop computer,
there is an "unable to resolve internet address" error message from Cox (our
internet provider).  And of course I could not access the internet.

Is it possible that the laptop was never set up to get a wired interface
signal?  I will call the Cox tech line tomorrow to see if they can walk me
through the search for a wired connection IP address.
Jack \(MVP-Networking\). replied on 09-Mar-08 11:24 PM
May be this can Help,
Jack (MVP-Networking).