Windows 7 - Wireless connection disconnects randomly

Asked By Dreamweave on 18-Apr-08 07:32 AM
I am using XP Pro SP2 and a ZyXEL Prestige 660HW-T1 Modem/Router.
I am also using Network Magic which compensates my lack of understanding on
networking in general.

For the last couple of months my wireless connection disconnects and
reconnects 10 - 15 times a day. The problem was reported to ZyXEL who have
changed the unit but the problem still persists.

Any ideas?

Roger Mantle
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Sooner Al [MVP] replied on 18-Apr-08 07:48 AM
You might be getting interference from another nearby wireless network. I
had a similar issue with my wife's wireless XP Pro desktop when a neighbor
moved in and came up on the same channel I was on. I had to move to Channel
9 from Channel 1. If your on the default channel, many times Channel 6, you
might try 1 or 11. If those are used you might try others. Unless you run a
Netstumbler scan, or similar software, its probably going to be trial and
error until you find a clear channel.


Al Jarvi (MS-MVP Windows – Desktop User Experience)

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Jack \(MVP-Networking\). replied on 18-Apr-08 03:59 PM
If Al's suggestion (above) did not solve the problem.
Try to unistall Network Magic and configure the Wireledss Mnaualy.
My Wireless does not work -
Wireless, Basic Configuration -
Wireless Security -
Jack (MVP-Networking).
smlunatick replied on 19-Apr-08 07:42 AM
On Apr 18, 7:32=A0am, Dreamweaver

Unfortunately, you have not given any information concerning the
wireless network adapter on the PC that is using XP.  When using
wireless networking, you need a wireless router (ZyXEL) and a wireless
network adapter at the PC.  The majority of wireless connection
problems are at the PC end and not at most routers.
Dreamweave replied on 19-Apr-08 05:16 AM
Thanks for the reply. I changed it to channel 1 but I still have the same
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Dreamweave replied on 19-Apr-08 05:20 AM

The adapter I am using is a MRI WL004 which seemed to work happily with the
ZyXEL router until a couple of months ago.
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smlunatick replied on 20-Apr-08 01:29 PM
On Apr 19, 5:20=A0am, Dreamweaver
ng on

A quick scan search of the web seems to indicate that this adapter is
a USB model.  Is this right?

I experienced this last year with both my  SMC and TRENDNet wireless
adapters.  They disconected from my wireless network and then either
never found it or did not find any wireless networks.  Only removing
the adapters (Safely Remove icon) or a reboot got it back.  Turned out
my USB ports were the cause. All my "other" USB devices worked
correectly, without problems.  I looked at more details on this and my
USB 2.0 ports were based on ALi controller chips.  I foiund several
known problems on this chip controller and all posted "work arounds"
did not help.  Fortunately I was able to replace my USB 2.0 ports
since they are on a PCI add-on card.  I got my self a card based on
NEC chip controller (Belkin) and my problem disappeared.

Check your USB ports.
Michael Bieri replied to Dreamweave on 05-May-10 01:45 PM
I have the same router and the same Problem i placed a laptop cooling mat under it and pluged it into the wall for fan power using an usb-to-AC/DC convertor and the problem became very servrely limited
Jack [MVP-Networking] replied to Michael Bieri on 05-May-10 06:09 PM
It is hard to really deal with your issues since Net Magic  make changes to
he standard way the LAN is configured.
However Wireless disconnect can be a result of Noisy Wireless Signal
Change the Working Channel of the Router.  Try all of them and choose the
one thta yields the best results.
Jack (MS, MVP-Networking).