Windows 7 - DLink GWL-G630 Entry Point Problem - wlanapi.dll

Asked By Duckysan on 06-May-08 05:21 AM
Since upgrading my Acer laptop (Travelmate 2300) to XP SP3, I cannot use the
Dlink utility.  I receive the following error:

'The procedure entry point apsGetInterfaceCount could not be located in the
dynamic link library wlanapi.dll'
I have removed and re-installed the drivers/software, but no improvement.
Web search suggests compatibility problem with Dlink driver/dll.
Whilst I still have wireless connectivity, the Dlink utilities do not work.
It seems this is an SP3 issue - other users report the issue is resolved if
they revert back to SP2.
There must be a better resolution!

Barb Bowman replied on 06-May-08 07:29 AM
either use Windows native WZC features to manage the wireless
(uninstall the utility and keep the wireless) or contact D-Link
support/search their downloads for a fixed version.

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Barb Bowman
Duckysan replied on 06-May-08 10:08 AM
Thanks for the comments.
It seems XPSP3 adds a new version of wlanapi.dll that conflicts and replaces
the Dlink DLL.  I have written to Dlink, but am not holding my breath.  The
following appears on the 'Tech ARP' site:

Certain device driver installations for some third-party wireless network
adapters also install a Wlanapi.dll which will be replaced by SP3 resulting
in errors.

This error message will appear during every restart after you install
Windows XP Service Pack 3 : "The procedure entry point apsSearchInterface
could not be located in the dynamic link library wlanapi.dll"

Impact : Low – Obtaining updated drivers for the WLAN device resolves this
KB Content : KB 950720"

I'll check it out.
Pavel A. replied on 06-May-08 05:50 PM
Wlanapi.dll is part of the new wireless API introduced quite long
ago in KB918997, and now integrated into SP3.

The Dlink package could include some other version of this dll,
because the Microsoft's wlanapi.dll does not have export
function named "apsSearchInterface".
IMHO Dlink should work with MS to resolve this issue.

Barb Bowman replied on 07-May-08 04:40 AM
It isn't just D-Link, that utility is supplied by the wireless
chipset manufacturer and customized by multiple folks using that
chipset. When they get bits from the source...

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Barb Bowman
ciccio formaggio replied on 09-May-08 10:13 AM
The solution is much more simpler and is reported here
ciccio replied on 09-May-08 10:16 AM
The solution is here

The D-Link AirPlus Utility does not work with Windows XP Service Pack 3. Upon loading, it displays: “AirGCFG.exe - Entry Point Not Found. The procedure enry point apsGetInterfaceCount could not be located in the dynamic link library wlanapi.dll.”.

A workaround is to use the pre-SP3 version of wlanapi.dll and place it in the appropriate directories. Upon loading, this version of the file will be used instead of the version in the System32 directory.

xcopy %Windir%\$NtServicePackUninstall$\wlanapi.dll "%ProgramFiles%\D-Link\AirPlus G"

xcopy %Windir%\$NtServicePackUninstall$\wlanapi.dll "%ProgramFiles%\ANI\ANIWZCS2"
rmsanangel replied on 01-Jun-08 08:58 PM
can you please post the exact steps to fix this?   I need help, thanks!
Sergey replied on 14-Jun-08 07:58 PM
Unfortunately for my DI-624 did not work.
Barb Bowman replied on 15-Jun-08 06:09 AM
the DI-624 is a router, not a wireless card. You need to start a new
thread and describe the issue you are having and include the info on
the wireless card you are using.

On Sat, 14 Jun 2008 16:58:00 -0700, Sergey U.


Barb Bowman
Sergey replied on 15-Jun-08 10:55 AM
Sorry, I put wrong data : indeed I have a wireless card DWL-G520 rev.B, with
which the problem is associated ( on top of that, yes, I have a router DI-624
but it does not relates to the issue :) ).

I updated DWL-G520 rev.B driver to version 4.40 ,as prescribed on, for SP3 upgrades, and I still got two messages:

AirPlusCFG.exe Entry Point Not found apsGetInterfaceCount not located in the
dynamic link library wlanapi.dll

WZCSLDR2.exe Entry Point Not found aosInitialize not located in the dynamic
link library wlanapi.dll

So, the problem looks to be same as described above.

I tried to copy files as suggested above , did not work...
Barb Bowman replied on 15-Jun-08 04:09 PM
you don't actually need the DLink utility to manage the wireless.
you can use Windows built in features to do that. you can uninstall
the AirPlus config utility.

On Sun, 15 Jun 2008 07:55:00 -0700, Sergey U.


Barb Bowman
turfsurf replied on 22-Oct-08 11:13 AM
I had this same problem after upgrading to sp3.I have a D-Link AirPlus G DWL-G510 Wireless pci adapter.(DESKTOP PC)

A very simple fix is to:

1.Boot in safemode with networking (F8 on start up)

2.Go to C:\WINDOWS\system32

3.You will probably find two "wlanapi.dll"

that is: wlanapi.dll and wlanapi(2).dll

4.wlanapi(2).dll is from sp3 (didn't overwrite

previous one.)

5.Delete wlanapi.dll and rename wlanapi(2).dll to

wlanapi.dll and reboot.

6.Worked fine for me
leylan replied on 25-Nov-08 08:34 AM
"Duckysan1" wrote:
leylan replied on 25-Nov-08 08:46 AM
On booting up I am shown the WZCSLDR2/WLANAPI.DlL/apsGetReady. I've tride to
remove this no joy. I then discover that there are spyware companies claiming
to be able to remove this, of course for a fee. Do these work ?.
Just what is Windows doing to resolve this problem. Are they working on this
as we speak. Come on Windows you must be aware of this problem, give us an
R. McCarty replied on 25-Nov-08 08:51 AM
Not a Windows/Microsoft issue at all. You have a support applet for
a Wireless card that is attempting to start at boot. Either the .Dll is not
found or the registration for it is missing/incorrect.
Several options - either use Windows Native Wireless to control the
device or check your card's vendor website for an updated driver &
support applet.
Richard in AZ replied on 25-Nov-08 09:44 AM
Actually it is a Microsoft/Windows issue.  They rewrote a dll file, that Dlink was using, with the
issue of SP3.
The new dll file is not compatible with the DLink drivers.
However DLink should now have a patch, or new driver, for their card.  But seems they don't care
about some older cards.
Going to "msconfig" and turning off the DLink monitoring software stops the nag window and does not
stop the card operation.
R. McCarty replied on 25-Nov-08 09:51 AM
Thanks for the additional info, was not aware of the circumstances of the
Kelly replied on 26-Nov-08 09:00 PM
Beta tester are you?  <eg>


All the Best and Happy Turkey Day,

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leylan replied on 27-Nov-08 07:47 AM
leylan replied on 27-Nov-08 08:00 AM
Yes we are all aware of the problem with apsGetReady.
Everybody has their own solution, blogging does not solve it.
Simple question, what is MICROSOFT  doing to resolve this. Could MICROSOFT
make an official statement. If WZCSLDR2i s not within their remit then we can
seek the answer elsewhere.
Pavel A. replied on 28-Nov-08 10:30 AM
Please, locate WZCSLDR2i.DLL on your machine and open it is properties.
Is the company  name  on the Version tab Microsoft?

Ja replied on 27-Dec-08 05:55 AM
I fixed problem by uninstalling SP3. Easiest way to fix problem what MS made.

Jafari replied on 27-Dec-08 06:00 AM
I checked wlanapi.dll and it seems that SP3 version of it is made by
MicroSoft. I hope MS fix this conflict, otherwice I cant install SP3 back.

Girl replied to turfsurf on 12-May-10 05:37 PM
I was hoping that this would work for me, but unfortunately there are not two wlanapi.dll files present.

I have updated drivers, but that has not resolved the issue either.
Jamen W replied to Girl on 10-Feb-11 01:10 AM
I finally found a solution to this stupid idiotic error........


it has you download the dll file that you then

copy into two folders

it worked like a charm!