Windows 7 - media disconnected

Asked By Illuzio on 07-Feb-09 04:13 AM
Using a wired lan connection and also tried a wireless adapter to my router .
On attempting to get an Advent 7801 laptop that was given to my son working
correctly .
It has no recovery partition nor recovery disk the OS is Windows XP Pro
The problem is with the LAN card an SIS 900 Based PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter.
on attempting to get online with no success and noting the Local Area
Network A network cable is unplugged message I investigated further
On trying IPCONFIG I see the message Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:
Media State....................:media state disconnected
IPCONFIG/RELEASE does not work
IPCONFIG/ALL shows this
Host name Jaffas-toy
Primary DNS Suffix :
Node Type.............:Broadcast
IP Routing Enabled.............:No
Wins Proxy Enabled............:No

Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:
Media State...............:Media dissconnected
Description.................SIS 900-Based PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter
Pysical Address.............00-12=2a=9d-71-e8
with WINternals on checking the disk and networking options I find using
Subnet Mask
But unable to manually assign an IP Address
The laptop will not use a wireless adapter for the same reasons as above it
So Guys and Gals any clues would be very very much appreciated
Am not allways online so any fixes if you might email me @
In Advance Many Many thanks

Robert L. \(MS-MVP\) replied on 07-Feb-09 09:29 AM
Assuming both wireless and wired have the same problem, make sure you have a
good connection. For example, check the NIC light is on and green. Also make
sure the wireless light is on too.

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vmorri replied on 27-Feb-09 01:08 PM
Dennis:  Did you get help in solving this?  I have the same problem, I think.
Have linksys router  wrt54g and d-link 1320 adapter in one computer, and
direct connex through router with the vista64.  worked until i moved the
d-link card to xp computer and direct connex of vista64 to router.  Message
says i have good connex, but i can't get online.  checking many sources, but
iconfig says 'media stte' disconnected.  Where to go?  Any help from your