Windows 7 - Office Shortcut Bar

Asked By Obie on 04-Jul-08 03:00 PM
Several versions of Office Suite, prior to "2007", included a "Shortcut Bar"
that allowed me to clean up my "Desktop".  I miss it!  How do I get it back
(with Vista)?


Gordon replied on 04-Jul-08 03:05 PM
AFAIK there is not one but you can add the "Open Document" and "New Document"
shortcuts to the Start Menu. You need to install them - they are not
installed by default.
obiewahn8 replied on 05-Jul-08 10:33 PM
Booooo!  Hissssss!

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Bob I replied on 07-Jul-08 08:34 AM
Actually prior to 2003, the "shortcut bar" is now located in the
operating system, and is called a "toolbar". Please right-click on the
Taskbar and select "Toolbars", you may use one of the offered ones, or
build your own.
RCTauber replied on 05-Aug-08 08:26 PM
The toolbars you speak of do not even come close to replacing the Office
Shortcut Bar.  I am with the others, I want it back.

Presently I am using a free product called FreeBar.  It is a poor substitute
for the Original but still many times better than the toolbars available via
the taskbar.

As usual, MS throws away something good and gives you something only half as
good in return.
William H. Bowen replied on 05-Aug-08 08:51 PM

I'm with you on this one. One of the reasons I stick with Office
2000 on my personal laptop is because of the Office Tool Bar.

Thanks for the tip about FreeBar - I'll check that one out. Most of
the ones I've found so far and tried out where LAME!!

Bill Bowen
Sacramento, CA
Bob I replied on 06-Aug-08 08:51 AM
it is been gone for 2 Office generations, I seriously doubt the Office
team is going to put it back and add more problems to their workload.