Asked By debbi on 17-Jan-09 01:52 AM
When I try to open up certain files I get a box that pops up and states...
Compile Error In Hidden Module

Az Wizard Module.

I can get pass it but would like to know how to get rid of it.

Steve Rindsberg replied on 17-Jan-09 12:04 PM
In article <>, Debbie

This message means that there's a problem with the VBA code in a
password-protected add-in or document/file you're opening.

You don't mention what program this happens in or what version of it, so
it's hard to make any further suggestions other than to contact the author
of the file and report the problem.
Juli replied on 22-Jan-09 08:39 PM
"Steve Rindsberg" wrote:
Juli replied on 22-Jan-09 08:45 PM
I am am having the same problem.  It is occuring in my own documents in
Microsoft Office 2007 Word.
Steve Rindsberg replied on 23-Jan-09 02:04 PM
You may have addins that fire code when a new document opens or the like.
Contact the author to see if they are aware of the problem.
John Stewart replied on 31-Oct-09 10:51 PM
This is part of the Avery Wizard.  It is under Appdata/Roaming in Vista/Win7.  Apparently it happens when you update the system and the location of that module isn't quite the same as before, such as if you change the user name where Appdata/Roaming is located.

The simplest way to get this error message removed is to reinstall Avery Wizard (now at 3.1.5).  I got an error trying to install it in Windows7, but my effort got rid of the error message "AZWizardModul Compile Error in hidden Module."  I asked them to update their software for Win7.  If you install the wizard again under Vista, it will probably work.