Windows 7 - is there a place to turn on a on screen notification Cap lock on

Asked By wester on 09-Mar-09 06:52 PM
Is there a place to turn on the on screen notification that the Cap Lock is
on.  I work in Vista and since they re-installed vista I lost the on screen
notification that my caps were locked on.
Now I do not know if my caps are locked until I type which is not good when
I am trying to type passwords and can not see them.

JoAnn Paules replied on 09-Mar-09 07:49 PM
Look at the light on your keyboard.


JoAnn Paules
MVP Microsoft [Publisher]
Tech Editor for "Microsoft Publisher 2007 For Dummies"
LVTravel replied on 09-Mar-09 11:16 PM
You can turn on sounds for inadvertent pressing of the Caps Lock key, Num
Lock key and Scroll Lock by going into Control Panel, select Ease of Access
Center, click on Make the keyboard easier to use and then click on Toggle
Keys.  Save it.  Press the Caps Lock key and you should hear a sound.  If
not, press and hold the NumLock key for at least 5 seconds.  You should see
a message asking if you want Toggle Keys turned on.

As I am a touch typist, I use this feature repeatedly when I am tabbing and
miss the tab key (fingers are starting to get old) but turn on the Caps Lock
key by mistake.  Lets me know that I have turned on the key.

Hope this helps, let us know.
dgmacmi replied on 10-Mar-09 11:15 AM
Right click on Start and select Properties.  Select the Notification tab.
Click on Customize.

If Caps Lock is not on, turn it on.  The Caps Lock Icon should be in the
list. In the right collumn for Caps Lock you have the choices, Hide when
Inactive, Hide and Show when you right click on the current choice.

If the current choice is not Hide when Inactive, choose that choice from the

Giris replied on 15-May-09 07:38 PM
There is no Caps lock icon in the list when I click customize in the
notification tab.

how do add the caps lock property to it.???
Bob I replied on 19-May-09 08:42 AM
You may wish to consider asking questions about Vista in the group for
Vista group instead. The folks here in the Office applications group
focus on the Office applications issues.