Windows 7 - Setup could not find any available products to install. Office 200

Asked By Dima on 12-Nov-09 04:04 AM
Clicking "Change" button in "Programs and features" with Office 2007 Trial
selected gives an error "Setup Error
Setup could not find any available products to install. Please contact your
systm administrator." in Windows 7 x64. Running setup from Office 2007 Trial
downloaded file to change components works OK.
How to make the "Change" button work?
Windows Update suggests to install 125kb Office 2007 SP1 repeatedly. I agree
to install every time, but Windows Update suggests to install it again next
time. This began to happen after uninstallation and reinstallation of the
Office 2007.

DL replied to Dima on 12-Nov-09 04:47 AM
Manually run MS Update, review the history, click the '?' icon adjacent to
the failed update for some hints
BTW You cannot install a second Trial if the previous one has expired
Dima replied to DL on 12-Nov-09 05:36 PM
Thanks DL for replying!
The update is not failed. Windows Update writes that the update is
successfull every time.
I did not install a second Trial. The Trial is first. The previous version
was Enterprise.
Why does not MS notiry me of replies? I checked the mark.
Dima replied to Dima on 14-Nov-09 04:08 AM
Why does not anybody reply?