Windows 7 - Office 2007 Configuration wizard runs every time I start any Application (word, excel, etc)

Asked By panoz on 14-Jan-08 06:53 AM

I spent 2 days finding a solution to this very annoying problem, but it
seems impossible to find a working one, even though there are other
users with the same problem I have:

I've installed Office 2007 Enterprise on my Vista x64 system, but when
starting any of the Office apps, Office runs a setup/configuration
(Office is collecting/gathering setup information or something like

My event log has produced
numerous warnings, on of the more significant is :

Detection of product '{90120000-0030-0000-0000-0000000FF1CE}', feature

'ProductFiles', component '{6252B847-BADA-43D4-9252-E39767FA40A1}'
failed.  The resource 'HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.pip\' does not exist.

I tried to access the HCR\.pip\ key in Regedit and receive the
following message:

.pip can not be opened.
An error is preventing this key from being opened.
Details: Access is denied."

I have tried the Windows Installer Clean up utility to remove all
traces of Office, cleaned the registry, reinstalled Office 2007
4 times and still have the install/configuring messages popping up
upon loading the Office programs..

ANY information would be appreciated !!!

Thanx a lot Panoz

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Birger replied on 15-Jan-08 07:05 AM
Hi Panoz.
I've descibed a solution that worked for me for Randy quistion in"Setup
installation File Runs" a little above yours.
You can try that.
By the way, I took over ownership of the most of the registry as well.
panoz replied on 15-Jan-08 07:44 PM
Yeah !!!
I did it !!!

here's th solution :
I used a tool "Security Explorer"
downloadable from
(free with 30 days evaluation)

and that tool allowed me to edit permission on

Firstly I deleted the entry (with  "Security Explorer"), then I
launched excel and it automatically recreated a HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.pip
in the registry (with usual anoying "gathering blablabla windows)

then I changed the permission with  "Security Explorer"

as you can see in the following image:

adding my user (Alby), administrators, and also Everyone with full
control on this folder (I also changed msiserver rights to full

I then launched excel...
and Magically NO MORE boring "gathering blablabla" windows.

I sincerely hope that it will work for you all!!!!

cheers Panoz

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Mitchell Wilson replied on 17-Jul-08 02:53 PM
I had the same problem. I could open Office 2007 products as an administrator, but not as a user or power user. I kept getting the Configuration wizard. I went to the .pip folder in the registry logged in as administrator, right clicked on pip, clicked on permissions, set administrator permissions to full, then clicked OK and then deleted the .pip folder. I then closed the registry, opened Excel. The wizard ran one more time and that was it. When I logged back on as a power user, all of the Office 2007 applications worked fine. This bug should be fixed by Microsoft. It's obvious that they haven't given the Power User enough rights to utilize the Configuration Wizard to configure Office 2007 as any other user than Administrator.
zoe abra replied on 21-Feb-09 02:22 AM
I spend to months searching for solution . I was glad to find here something about but still not working for me . The pip file is creating again and all office applications starts with configuration wizard over and over again .
dpant replied to panoz on 13-Dec-09 01:30 PM
This works!
Thank you for the solution.

panoz;3460643 Wrote:

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dpant replied to panoz on 15-Dec-09 02:41 AM
A second thought: even though this works, Excel continues to popup the
itself every time it is started, too.

Any ideas?

(Office 2007 SP1 already installed)

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pham tu replied to dpant on 13-Apr-10 10:29 PM
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