Windows 7 - drive:\Program Files\ Office\OFFICE12

Asked By Llewell on 08-Sep-07 10:16 AM
Where do I go to run this?

Rainald Taesler replied on 09-Sep-07 06:57 PM
Sorry, I can not see what you are trying to do.

Could you pls give us a bit more details on what your question is about?

Llewell replied on 09-Sep-07 09:24 PM
I can't open my Microsoft Outlook to get my emails. The instructions say to
run Scanpst.exe, and that it is in:
drive:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE12.

But I don't know where to go to run scanpst.exe on Vista.

Erik Sojka (MVP) replied on 10-Sep-07 05:23 PM
That file path should be the same whether Office is run on XP or Vista.

What do you see when you navigate to that path on your computer?  (Remember
to replace "drive:" with the actual drive letter where you installed Office
- that will most likely be C:)

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Rainald Taesler replied on 11-Sep-07 06:57 PM
Oh, this is on *OUTLOOK* !!
This group is for *OneNote*

Also some in here have some knowledge on Outlook, I would suggest that
you open a new thread in the *Outlook* newsgroup.

By default the PST-files under Vista are is sitting in:

Unfortunately I can not help you any further as I did not yet need
scanpst on my Vista system.

Sue Anton replied to Llewell on 18-Feb-10 06:55 PM
How can I scanpst.exe and where is drive:\Program Files\microsoft Office\OFFICE12 ?
Bernd replied to Sue Anton on 19-Feb-10 09:02 AM
NO, not for age old questions in the wrong news group ...


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Rainald Taesler replied to Sue Anton on 18-Feb-10 10:51 PM
wrong group.
You are asking for Outlook. This group is for OneNote.Pls ask again in
one if the Outlook  groups.