Windows 7 - Outlook contacts will not display when forwarding email

Asked By JMWM on 28-Dec-07 10:10 PM
Upon entering new Contacts and then trying to forward email by entering a
first initial, the "new" contact fails to appear. Previous entries do appear
as before, it is as though the new entry does not exist, yet it is in my
contact list?

auste replied on 29-Dec-07 01:32 AM
the only time I had this problem is when my contacts folder wasn't set-up as
an address book.  goto:

Contacts>choose contacts folder>right click on properties>outlook address book
make sure "show this folder" is checked
Russ Valentine [MVP-Outlook] replied on 29-Dec-07 06:02 AM
Entering the first initial where? I suspect you are confusing autoresolution
with autocompleiton. You must provide more complete and accurate information
for us to tell what your problem is.
Russ Valentine
JMWM replied on 29-Dec-07 09:14 AM
As in fordwarding an email, normally you can put an initial in the "TO" area
and all contacts with that initial appear, you select which one and it fills
Russ Valentine [MVP-Outlook] replied on 29-Dec-07 09:54 AM
Wrong. You are using autocompletion which has nothing to do with your
Russ Valentine
JMWM replied on 29-Dec-07 04:10 PM
OK!!!Then why all of a sudden did autocompletion stop working as it had done
in the past? How does one get it to autocomplete?
Russ Valentine [MVP-Outlook] replied on 29-Dec-07 05:02 PM
You never said autocompletion stopped working. You said you were expecting
autocompletion to pick up new Contacts to which you had not yet sent a
message, which obviously is not how it works.
Do you have another question now? Would you care to pose it along with the
relevant troubleshooting details?
Russ Valentine