Windows 7 - help...don't know whats going on

Asked By Pat448 on 26-Jan-07 12:56 PM
I have win XP. I went to check my email OE6. When I click read mail from
win. a box in the task bar below shows up saying OutLook Exp. which is normal
but it is orange now and stays orange. I now have to hit the send/recv.
button in OE to get mail and another box opens up in the task bar saying
incoming mail which is orange too, but nothing happens. I min. all the
screens and see it is for my mail login box and it's waiting for my password.
Never had to do that before. Mail always would just load when I went into oe.
The only time my login box asking for my password shows up is when I'm
sending mail.  Now any buttons in the taskbar that are open while oe is open
are orange and stay that until I click on them and I have to click twice to
bring that page forward and then they turn the normal color blue. If I bring
each page forward the box will trun blue, but if I go back and click on one
of the now blue boxes it turns orange again.   What the heck is going
Thanks Patty

Michael Santovec replied on 26-Jan-07 07:18 PM
The orange on the task bar means that the program is running in the
background (some other program is in the foreground) and that the
program has some output for you (it wants your attention).  It turns
back to blue once you bring it to the foreground.

When you do a send and receive it is normal to start another task and it
gets the new button on the task bar until the send and receive

You seem to have several issues going on here.

1) To have OE automatically do a send and receive when started, see
Tools, Options, General, Send and Receive messages at startup.

2) To have OE do the send and receive without asking for your password,
see Tools, Accounts, Mail, Properties, Servers and fill in the password
and check remember password.  If in the past it only asked for the
password when sending and you don't want to have to enter that, your ISP
appears to be using SMTP authentication.  In OE this is specified in
Tools, Accounts, Mail, Properties, Servers, Outgoing Mail Server, My
Server Requires Authentication.  Click the Settings button and fill your
sending settings if they are different in that incoming server.

3) That the program is going to the background and you get the orange
button means that some other program is stealing the focus.  This can
happen with Internet Explorer if the page you are own is automatically
updating or is still downloading.  Or have you perhaps recently updated
to IE7?


Mike -
Pat448 replied on 27-Jan-07 09:45 AM
Thanks Mike,
I did your step one and so far all is working like before.  So I hope it
stays that way. I have not done a update to ie7.
Michael Santovec replied on 27-Jan-07 01:25 PM
I am glad that helped.

Somehow that setting must have gotten unchecked.


Mike -