Windows 7 - Can't send email from Outlook. Error 0x80040604

Asked By Nei on 30-Dec-07 08:59 PM
I cannot send or receive email from Outlook.  I have Vista and Windows 2007.
I get error regarding personal folder and error 0x80040604.  Any ideas?

Milly Staples [MVP - Outlook] replied on 31-Dec-07 01:52 AM
Sigh ... and what is the EXACT error message?

Milly Staples [MVP - Outlook]

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After furious head scratching, Neil asked:
Xstee replied on 04-Jan-08 09:39 AM
Hi Likewise I get a report error : -

Task '*email name* Folder:Inbox Synchronizing headers.'
reported error (0x80040604) : 'A folder by this name already exists.'

I can get rid of it by removing the hotmail account from Outlook and
shutting restarting then adding hotmail account again. This works for a
couple of restrts of the computer before reverting to the fault again.
Bal replied on 07-Jan-08 07:31 PM
Does any one know a fix or work around, apart from deleting the hotmail
account and again setting it ?