Windows 7 - Outlook03: suddenly can't receive, but can still send; any ideas?

Asked By regroc on 07-Aug-08 06:22 PM
For some reason, Outlook stopped receiving emails. It still sends, but does't
receive. I've had to check directly on the email page from the server.

Tried the "can send but can't receive" link, but that isn't helping me -
after "define send/receive groups" it no longer displays anything/no other
popups that the "help" page says I should have.

How could this suddenly happen, and what can I do to correct it?

- Bobb - replied on 07-Aug-08 07:16 PM
Sorry,  to clarify: " I've had to check directly on the email page from
the server."

Are you a client ? of an ISP ? is that what you meant ?
you went to ISP mail  homepage ?
or your own server ? and you physically went to server console ?

If ISP, perhaps ports changed on server (SSL ?) I know usually would be
just the opposite, but depends on ISP.
regroc replied on 07-Aug-08 08:33 PM
yes, ISP is what I meant (road runner). I don't know of ports having
changed; if they had, wouldn't that affect my sending, too? I've tested, I
can still send emails from outlook, and they are received with the road
runner address...
- Bobb - replied on 08-Aug-08 12:42 PM
Please specify:

you mean logging onto website and reading :
NOT via Outlook, right ?

Also, do you have several accounts - and only ONE not working ? Or - all
4-5 -6 failing ?
If only one, can you setup a different one and see if ANY work ? ( to
determine account or Outlook/firewall etc)

Do you have AV software /firewall  installed. Disable it - log off - and
logon - retry.
Same thing with AV /firewall disabled ?
Do you get any 'error message' ?
Did you check event log ?

Outlook / any email client SENDS on one port and RECEIVES on another.
Then if in secure mode uses different ports for each. I run into issues
with Comcast occasionally - it'll work fine for a month and then one day -
one or two of my accounts can't 'send/receive. I toggle port setting ( to
No SSL) then ok - until they  'do something' then I have to put it back to
secure port again. There is a default (port= 25 - send  , 110 for
incoming) which apparently has worked for you until now, but they may
change to 'whatever they want'. (With my area's Comcast I've have had to
change port numbers a few times)

Go to online rr help and search for Outlook port setting.

Still issues ? - reply here and give as much detail as you can.
Brian Tillman replied on 08-Aug-08 01:55 PM
Now that you've said what doesn't happen, try describing what does.  Include
the Outlook version and the account type in your detailed description.
Include the results of using the Test Settings operation as well.  You also
might want to enable diagnostic logging and see what the log contains.  You
should also ask your ISP if there is any issue with the POP engine on the
Brian Tillman [MVP-Outlook]
Brian Tillman replied on 08-Aug-08 01:56 PM
Not necessarily.  POP and SMTP ports are completely separate and can be
changed independently.
Brian Tillman [MVP-Outlook]