Windows 7 - Signature randomly disappears

Asked By Betti on 08-Aug-08 11:36 AM
users are occasionally losing their signatures in outlook 2003 with roaming
profiles, terminal server 2003. They are on a server farm.  Profiles are not
mandatory and the signature is NOT located in the profile but in the users
home directory.

Brian Tillman replied on 08-Aug-08 03:34 PM
Since the user is using a roaming profile and the signature folder is always
%AppData%\Microsoft\SIgnatures (or whatever subfolder of %AppData%\Microsoft
the registry key indicates), then the signatures are in the roaming profile.
I think that's why you're losing them.  I don't use roaming profiles,
though, so I could be wrong.
Brian Tillman [MVP-Outlook]
Betti replied on 11-Aug-08 10:10 AM
Thanks for the reply
You are correct.  The normal location is %AppData%\Microsoft\Signatures  in
the user profile.  I have a AD group policy that applies to all users that
moves the %AppData%\ to the users home directory
The signature is still there and the user can relink to it using
Tools/Options/Signature and reselect the signature, however it occasionally
goes away as a configured setting.
This is of course driving the users nuts.
King90 replied on 16-Sep-08 04:50 AM
I am having the exact problem. My MD is not to pleased, I am not using
roaming profiles at all and have SBS 2003 sp2. Outlook clients are all
serviced packed etc..

This seems very strange and random.

Have you got anywhere with this solution wise, I am pulling my hair out.