Windows 7 - account

Asked By Jon on 14-Sep-08 11:41 PM
I have successfully added a account into Outlook 2007.  I can
even send/receive and don't have to sign in all the time like others. I guess
I'm doind something right there, however I have 117 personal folder in that
account that I need to move into Outlook.  How do I move in personal folders
from (Yahoo!) into Outlook 2007?

N. Miller replied on 15-Sep-08 02:32 AM
You don't. Yahoo! does not have IMAP support. All that you can do is move
email from the 'at&t Yahoo!' folders to the Inbox, then sort them locally
after they are downloaded.

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Jon replied on 15-Sep-08 08:03 AM
Uggg...  It just seems with all this technology out there you should be able
to move your folders.  On a second note, I just got and iPhone 3G and set it
up to receive my email and all of my personal folder show up
on it.  So, why can you get your folders on an iPhone 3G and not outlook.
N. Miller replied on 15-Sep-08 03:33 PM
Your iPhone 3g is probably using HTTP for access, the same thing as MS
Internet Explorer, or Mozilla Firefox. MS Outlook does not use HTTP, it uses
either POP3 (which Yahoo! Mail Plus uses; 'at&t Yahoo! HSI' offers "Mail
Plus" capability to AT&T DSL customers), or IMAP (which Yahoo! does not
use). You will always see all of your folders with an HTTP application, but
you will only ever access the Inbox with a POP3 application.

The technology is there, to synchronize your Yahoo! account folders with MS
Outlook; if only Yahoo! would actually implement it: IMAP. Many have
requested it of Yahoo!; so far, Yahoo! has been resistant to those requests.

~Oh Lord, why have you come
~To Konnyu, with the Lion and the Drum