Windows 7 - 2007 Outlook "Enter Network Password" Dialog Box Keeps Popping Up!?

Asked By Zavey Zipper on 07-Oct-08 11:06 AM
I'm using Vista on a Dell machine.  Can anyone help me figure out why I
continuously get the "enter network password" dialog box opening up?  I
enter my password click OK and a second later it comes right back.  It
also does the same thing when I click on cancel.

It comes up so much I can't type without having to keep clicking on it.

I'm going nuts.


Brian Tillman [MVP - Outlook] replied on 08-Oct-08 08:45 AM
If this were happening to me, I'd create a new mail profile and redefine the
mail account in that profile.
Brian Tillman [MVP-Outlook]
Zavey Zipper replied on 08-Oct-08 11:06 AM
Thanks for replying.

So you're saying start all over again?  I'm a bit new to Vista, Outlook
(former Eudora user).  Will I lose anything?  Sorry to sound uninformed.
Brian Tillman [MVP - Outlook] replied on 08-Oct-08 01:11 PM
Almost, but not quite.

You should not lose anything.  All your Outlook data (calendar, contacts.,
mail, etc.) is kept in a single file called a "Personal Folders" file, whose
extension is ".pst".  In Outlook, click Tools>Account Settings and selectthe
Data Files tab.  That will tell you where the PST resides.  The Windows
folder you see there, if you accepted defaults when you first installed
Outlook, is a hidden folder.  To see its contents, either enable viewing
hidden files and folders (in Control Panel) or open WIndows Explorer, in the
Address field, enter


and press Enter.  That will display the contents of the folder whether or
not you've enabled hidden files and folders.  With Outlook closed, make a
copy of that file to, say, Documents in case anything goes wrong.  Then, in
Control Panel. use the Mail applet to create a new profile.  This should
help: .  It speaks of Outlook
2002/2003, but the process is quite similar for Outlook 2007.  After
creating the profile, the Data Files tab allows you to include your existing
PST in the profile (so you have all your stuff) and the E-mail Accounts tab
will allow you to redefine your account(s).  One side effect is that if you
had the account in your previous profile configured to leave messages on the
server, your new profile will download them all again.  If you had the
option set before, you'll want it set again, of course.

Here's a site you may find useful:
Brian Tillman [MVP-Outlook]
Zavey Zipper replied on 08-Oct-08 03:30 PM
Thanks I will give this a try and let you know how it went.