Windows 7 - Outlook email

Asked By drleah on 09-Dec-09 01:36 PM
When trying to send an attachment, I get this message from Outlook system
administrator - "552 5.3.4 a message size of 20482 kilobytes exceeds the size
limit of 20480 kilobytes computed for this transaction."  I do not understand
this.  Is it possible to reset the limits?
Thanks for the info and help.

Kathleen Orland replied to drleah on 09-Dec-09 01:42 PM
What type of mail account do you have? Outlook does not have any limits, they
are set by either your ISP or your mail admin on the server.

Chauncy21 replied to drleah on 09-Dec-09 02:03 PM
Maybe just ZIP your file, looks like your very close to the limit
VanguardLH replied to drleah on 09-Dec-09 05:24 PM
Sure.  Contact the owner or admin of whose unidentified e-mail service you
are trying to use.  it is their property so they decide what quotas to