Windows 7 - Why does Outlook 2002 not run in Windows 7?

Asked By MMA on 20-Jan-10 12:28 PM
I have installed an older version of MS Office on my new computer running
Windows 7 OS. All of the programs work fine, except for MS Outlook 2002.
Everytime I run the program it crashes with an error. I have tried
downloading several updates, after uninstalling and re-installing Outlook,
without any solution.

The error code is below:

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name:	APPCRASH
Application Name:	OUTLOOK.EXE
Application Version:	10.0.6856.0
Application Timestamp:	4a7c8be7
Fault Module Name:	unknown
Fault Module Version:
Fault Module Timestamp:	00000000
Exception Code:	c0000005
Exception Offset:	00000008
OS Version:	6.1.7600.
Locale ID:	1033

Additional information about the problem:
LCID:	1033

Any Help would be appreciated! Thanks.

Diane Poremsky [MVP] replied to MMA on 20-Jan-10 01:39 PM
It should run, just not very good. See

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VanguardLH replied to MMA on 20-Jan-10 05:00 PM
You mention installing OL2002 but never mention if it was a clean install or
it you included add-ins (which would include your anti-virus program).  When
you list the add-ins installed for Outlook, which ones are listed?

Pre-2003 versions of Outlook are not guaranteed to properly run under
Windows 7.  They may run but it will be an unsupported configuration.  Have
you tried running OL2002 under a compatibility mode?  You never bothered to
mention WHICH edition of Windows 7 that you have.  If you have one that
includes support for XP Mode (which, as I recall, you download separately
and install), you could try running OL2002 in a virtual machine; else, you
could install VirtualPC 2007 and create a virtual machine running Windows
XP/2000 (provided that you have a spare or separate license which has never
been used in an upgrade path to another version of Windows) and run OL2002
inside a virtual machine.

In addition, Outlook 2002 will NOT remember passwords when ran under Windows
Vista.  Outlook 2002 was coded to use pstore (protected storage system) in
the registry to cache the login credentials for the e-mail accounts defined
in Outlook; see
pstore is no longer available under Windows Vista.  The registry keys are
still there but are read-only so Outlook cannot record your login
credentials into those registry keys and cannot update them through the
discontinued Pstore API.  Vista dropped pstore and went to DPAPI.  For info
on DPAPI, read
DPAPI has been around since 2001 starting in Windows 2000.  The result is
that you will need to supply your login credentials for each e-mail account
that you have defined in Outlook for the first mail poll performed by
Outlook.  After the first mail poll, the login credentials are reused so you
do not need to supply them again.  However, if you exit and reload Outlook
then you need to supply the login credentials for only the first mail poll.

Outlook 2003/2007 are coded to use either pstore or the newer DPAPI which
means they will run under Vista and pre-Vista versions of Windows.
Mainstream support for Outlook 2002/XP has ended.  There will be no further
feature changes, bug fixes, or enhancements to it.  That means it will
remain incompatible for use under Windows Vista.  Your Microsoft-based
solutions are: suffer with the problem when using Outlook 2002 on Windows
Vista, upgrade to Outlook 2003 or 2007, or use a different e-mail program
that runs properly on Windows Vista.


The PStore keys in the registry are read-only in Windows Vista.  Removing
the read-only attribute will not fix the problem.  The PStore interface used by
Outlook is not available in Windows Vista.  You cannot manually edit the
registry to retrieve or enter the passwords.  PStore is not just a location
in the registry with plain text data.  It is a method of encrypting the
passwords using TripleDES that are cached in the registry in a binary
construct.  Once a user is logged into Windows, the CryptoAPI can be used to
decrypt that Windows account's cached passwords from the PStore in the
registry.  While Windows Vista no longer provides support for PStore,  it is
possible to continue supporting PStore using a program.  Alas, there will be
nothing forthcoming as a hotfix or add-on from Microsoft to support PStore
functionality in Outlook 2002 under Windows Vista because Outlook 2002 is no
longer supported.

A possible solution is to use a program (as a macro that runs inside of
Outlook) that manages the encrypted password for you in the protected
registry cache.  If you do not want to write the macro or cannot find a free
one already written for you, there is OLAutoPW at  I have never used it
(because I do not use Windows Vista).  Cost is 10 euro (~$16).  It may also
be possible to use AutoIt, AutoHotkeys, or other keyboard macro programs
that can trigger on specific dialog windows to answer the password prompt
for you but then you need to leave them running all the time and write up
the macro that they run along with identifying the trigger(s) on when and in
which window to run their macro.