Windows 7 - My Outlook email address does not appear when I compose emaiis.

Asked By Hank on 07-Feb-10 03:51 PM
My Outlook 2003 email address does not appear when I compose emaiis.

David C. Holley replied to Hank on 07-Feb-10 03:57 PM
The 'FROM' field can be set to display or hide as needed. For Office 2007,
Click 'OPTIONS' in the MENU bar and then 'SHOW FROM'. For Outlook 2003, I am
assuming that its also listed under 'OPTIONS'.
VanguardLH replied to David C. Holley on 07-Feb-10 04:13 PM
But the From field will not have anything in it until the user selects a
source (contact) or manually enters something into that field.  No e-mail
address will "appear" in the From field when the user starts to compose an
VanguardLH replied to Hank on 07-Feb-10 04:14 PM
And why do you need to see your own e-mail address?  You already know what
you specified when you defined the account in Outlook.  If you have multiple
accounts and what to send using one other than the default account, use the
Accounts toolbar button to pick an account.
Gordon replied to David C. Holley on 07-Feb-10 05:28 PM
Please stop posting incorrect replies. The "From" field has NOTHING to do
with the Outlook address book - it is there for when a User sends a message
on behalf of another user, generally in an Exchange environment.
VanguardLH replied to Gordon on 07-Feb-10 06:06 PM
In fact, if you use the From field to specify one of your contacts or you
enter your own value here, the result is "xxx sent on behalf of yyy".  The
From header will have this value but the Sender header will show the e-mail
address that you specified in the account that you defined in Outlook.

Account's e-mail address:
From field's value:

Recipient might see: sent on behalf of

Even if their e-mail client does not reveal the inconsistency, the headers in
your e-mail will have:


So you will not be lying to the recipient as to who really sent that e-mail.
If you want to lie, you will have to edit the E-mail field in the e-mail
account that was defined in Outlook (but recipients can still see your
sending mail server to know the originating domain, and some use SPF which
can be used to track through the logs to see just who was the original
account used to send the e-mail assuming the sending mail server does not add
that info itself in another header).